Real Estate CPA recommendations Northern Kentucky

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I’m purchasing my first multi family rental property in the next 6 months, and have deals, both commercial and residential, lined up for the next few years. While I’m starting off in rental real estate, I’m looking for a real estate CPA in northern Kentucky or online, who can help with general tax questions, end of the year fillings, and help me to set up theses deals to be as efficient as possible. Any recommendations?

@Sam Haus

Welcome to Bigger Pockets. We are here to help. 

If you are comfortable working with your CPA remotely there are 20+ accountants on this site that specialize in real estate taxation. Reach out to a few, ask questions, and see who is a good fit. 

Good luck on your real estate journey. 

I'm with Bill. 

I'd read through posts in the tax section here on BP and see who responds often, how they respond, and who you think you'd work well with. 

Then set up some consultations.