Long Term Rentals in Rural NH Markets- Low Vacancy!

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I would like to hear fellow investors thoughts on the strategy of investing in long term rental properties in rural areas with low vacancy. I am specifically looking at the New Hampshire markets (these are local to me). Vacancy rates across the state are between 1 and 2% on average suggesting low vacancy risk. Let me know your thoughts!

I've been a long term investor in rural NH for the last 6 years. So far so good. My biggest concern right now is STR (Short Term Rentals). With this pandemic hammering our economy, nobody is traveling. That means the STR owners are going to be in a bind real soon. I'm afraid they may convert their properties to LTR (Long Term Rentals), and flood the market. This could drive down rent rates and increase vacancies.

Hello Alexander, I'm a self managing landlord in the Somersworth/ Rochester area. I will say that I am happy my rentals are in the mid-lower price point. I feel if LTR were at risk during a time like this is, it would be the high end rentals.. all this being said, I am still new to this whole world of real estate :) goodluck 

With highspeed internet reaching further and further into the rural areas. My own town only has a population of 800 but half the town now has access to cable internet. I wouldn't be surprised to see more and more work from home situations pushing for those long term rentals, or lease to own options.  Before covid even hit we had a friend of ours move up to Monroe from the southern end of the state to do digital commuting.