With a 2.7% interest rate, more deals seem good deals, right?

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I am in the look for a great rental property down in Florida and got pre approved for 2.7%. With this extra low interest rate, I feel more and more deals seem great deals i terms of cash flow.

I am looking for a B+ property in an A- neighboorhod.

What other important factors would you look at? Is it better to invest on a condo/townhouse or SFH? I am not an experience landlord (2 years experience)

Please share your thought and tips!

@Jose Barberi

Absolutely. The lower the rate the better the cash flow.

As with any buy and hold it really comes down to CF after all expenses, factoring in vacancies and CAPEx/maintenance reserves. Determine what is an adequate CF for the area your investing and compare to the properties your looking at.

One thing to consider with condos is the HOA... rules to follow and monthly fees to pay.