Do Your Tenants Try to Revise Their Lease After It's Signed?

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Why do tenants try to just do what they want even if it's forbidden by the lease they signed and which they should read once in a while? Actually it's kind of entertaining because they have signed so many leases they get confused about the terms they agreed to in mine. Recently a woman complained about how she hurt her shoulder moving a couch out of the garage when (she thought) it would have been OK to leave it there. Of course she blamed me. I referred her to the lease para which strictly forbids any furniture being stored in garage. (That's the beginning of a hoard.) Another tenant put mattresses in the garage that a few of her many relatives died in. I was so glad when they moved out. "I'm not a hoarder!" I've heard it a few times. When they yell this, they probably are. One tenant said I "used up" my 4 visits for the year. She spent about an hour looking for that in her lease with me. I would never put that in a lease. It's my property and I can visit (with 24 hour notice) any time. Actually I don't like to visit. Every rented property ends up looking like a tornado blew through. They swear they don't have much stuff, but what is the purpose of a collection of 8 (ugly) couches? Remember the ugly couch website?  How about 6 big jars of peanut butter? Guess I found out what her kids eat ... They refuse to keep trash cans in garage, because they tried it and it stunk. I bit my tongue about how their dog poop was most certainly the reason ... as well as the flies ... I need to stop renting to dog owners. Never allowed cats. Especially if the property has /had a nice lawn. 

It sounds as if you need to clean the place up, increase the price, and screen your applicants better. Nothing's guaranteed, but I manage 400 rentals and only rarely get crazies like that. If you're getting them regularly, there's something wrong with the property, the location, or your screening that is attracting them.

Yah it's always my fault. Every rental is in pristine sparkling condition, why am I defending? I'm getting premium rent and perfect on time payments from all my tenants. My properties are in prime locations for each current rental market. I just wish I had funds to purchase more but can't compete with 420, offshore, OO etc. Tenants all have an obsession with being homeowners, and they sign the lease with almost no questions (wanted a pool in tiny backyard, wanted a trampoline insurance won't cover, wanted 14-month lease... ) I just finished installing a brand new whirlpool dishwasher with safety controls on the top of the door so kids cant reach, think i got a thank you? Also the contractor said the wife tenant was "bitchy", not that he cared. Appreciate your comments, especially about letting tenants do what they want. In that case is your lease one page simply stating the payment terms & lease length? I'd like to try it.