California landlord rights - tenant refuses access to bedrooms

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Hi all,

I have a tenant that I notified, I’d be inspecting the property inside and out for repairs.  Things went well until we got to the bedrooms, she (My tenant) refused to show them to me. First, explaining her children were asleep. “How about the master bedroom? “ I asked. She refused. Ok,Then I inquired, “Well when can I come back to see the rooms? “ More excuses.  Now when I call, no answer.

Honestly, I’ve been more of a friend to theses tenants than a landlord. Big mistake on my part. So, before I proceed, I need to know my legal rights in California. I suspect she’s has more family member’s living at the home than she’s telling me.  I know I could have avoided all of this if I treated The rental more business like. Lesson sadly learned.  So if anyone could point me in the right direction on the web,I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you, Carlos

You made a mistake. Admit it and move on because she's definitely hiding something.

Hand her a written notice that you will conduct an inspection on [DATE] and you will see every room and every space, without exception. I recommend you give her several days notice and a couple options so she has flexibility in case there's a legitimate excuse. For example:

I am available for inspection on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday at 8am, noon, or 6pm. If you do not contact me in writing with your selected date and time, I will conduct the inspection on Saturday at noon. You are welcome to attend the inspection but your presence is not necessary. I may record the inspection with photographs for my records."

The law requires you to give proper notice; it does not require you to get permission. If she doesn't communicate, show up with keys and conduct your inspection. Be sure to knock loudly, ring the doorbell, announce yourself loudly as you move through the home. If you enter without her home, I recommend recording your visit with video so she can't claim you stole her jewelry or rifled through her underwear drawer (I've heard it all).

That's it. She allows you to inspect (it's your legal right) or you start the eviction process. No arguing. No justifying. No negotiating the dates.