Need Funding? Attend the Funding Summit (June 26-27)

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  • 06/26/15 09:00AM
  • Downers Grove (exact venue to be emailed to you once you RSVP)
  • $97.00

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Do you want to get started investing in real estate? Or you want to buy more good deals but you don't have access to properties you can buy at a steep discount? Or do you need more capital or more money to buy more properties? Are you interested in investing in the Midwest but you don't know the right markets to invest in?

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, you are invited to attend THE Deal-Making & Funding Summit. In this 2-day workshop, you will...

1. Have access to all the money you need to buy all the good deals you wan
2. Have access to off-market properties you can buy at a steep discount
3. Learn the Chicago real estate market and find out its most profitable sub-markets

Access to FUNDING

You will spend the first 4 hours of the first day, Friday, talking with different types of lenders. For example you will talk to Ted, my hard money broker. He has over 20 years experience in the industry and he can get you connected with the right hard money lenders so you can start doing fix-n-flips (he lends not just in Chicago but nationwide).

You will meet Jeff, my conventional mortgage broker. He can get you qualified for good long term financing. You can use this financing for your buy-and-holds.

You will also meet Jose & Francisco - these 2 guys can provide you with unsecured business lines of credit. If you have a 720 credit score or better (and you have a corporation or an LLC), they can get you as much as $150,000 in business line of credit. You can use this line of credit as downpayment for your next deal!

If you want to buy multi-family apartment buildings, you will meet 2 commercial lenders - the first one can provide you with conventional financing for a performing building, or a building that is already producing positive cashflow. The second one is the exact opposite: it lends only on multi-unit apartment buildings that are NON-Performing, even properties that need repairs. NO - it's not hard money. This apartment building lender will lend you 80% of the money you need to buy & fix a non-performing building at an interest rate of only 5%.

Lastly, if you want to do BIG deals, we will introduce you to 2 lenders whose minimum loan amount they make is $1 MILLION.

Access to Market Experts & Knowledge

On the second half of the day, you will meet market experts in Chicago. You will meet my real estate agent who knows the Chicago market even better than I do (she has over 30 years real estate experience). You will meet my acquisition team who are experts in finding properties you can buy at a steep discount. You will also meet my attorney and the title company I use to close on my deals. You can use these experts to help you invest in Chicago.

Moreover, you will get market knowledge you can't get anywhere else. I will discuss why I personally invest in Chicago and which markets are great for fix-n-flip and which markets are ideal for buy-n-hold. I will reveal what I am doing in my OWN real estate business. For example, I will show you how I make $50,000 profit on $150,000 houses. Rehhabers don't know this secret and this is why they make only $20,000 to $25,000 profit on these houses while I make $50,000. I wll reveal this secret to you because I want you to joint venture with me on these houses.

Access to OFF-Market Deals

On the second day, we will devote the whole day showing you our OFF-Market properties that you can buy at a steep discount. We will show you how we do our numbers, how we estimate repairs and how we profitably exit from each of these properties. You will get detailed scope of work, comparable market & rent analyses and detailed profit & cashflow analyses so you can see how you can make money when you buy or how we (you and I) will make money when we do joint ventures on these properties.

Why Am I Sharing So Much And How Much Is The Fee?

The reason is simple: I want you and I to joint venture on deals and make money together. The fee is $97 and it's there to pay for the expenses of this event. Besides I will only accept 20 people to this event. I won't become rich with your $97.

So why am I doing this?

I make my money when you either buy my properties (and you can do the deal yourself) or we joint venture. If we joint venture, you put up the money...I put up some of the money and I do all the work. We then split the profit in a way that is fair to both of us. Since I put up some of the money also, I have "skin in the game" and I have something to lose.

Because this event takes a lot of time, this could be the ONLY Deal-Making & Funding Summit I will ever don't miss it!

Register NOW before the price more than double (price by June 20 or at the door is $197)! Here's the registration link:


I'll be there at THE Summit! I invite you to join us for this 'learning by doing' event.

Start the month off by signing up and end it with a JV deal with us!

My acquisition team is working hard to have a bunch of properties for attendees to tour.

Can't wait to meet everyone there!!

Elpidio Quiballo

HHS Capital LLC

Acquisition Team

Ok, this has to be asked. 

You have deals, you will show us deals and the areas, and you have access to the funding you will share with us.

Umm. if you have deals and funding, why do you need me???? 

Originally posted by @Dale Stevens :

Ok, this has to be asked. 

You have deals, you will show us deals and the areas, and you have access to the funding you will share with us.

Umm. if you have deals and funding, why do you need me???? 

Dale, the answer: I don't have unlimited funding personally and I don't qualify for all the funding sources out there.

For example, it's public information (it's right here on BP - you can listen to my podcast here: that my credit is bad because of a bad investment decision I made in the past (I bought a 36-unit apartment building in the war zones of Cincinnati). Hence, I can't qualify for conventional mortgage loans. So, I need JV partners who have great credit, have a job (W2 earner) and good debt to income.

Also, if I want to do just 2-3 deals a year, sure I don't need you. I have done 20 transactions last year (but mostly wholesaling) and I didn't need JV partners.

However this year, we've decided to do more rehabs and rent-to-own and I don't have unlimited funds to fix-n-flip or fix-n-rent all these houses. I also set a goal of making $1M in 12 months through joint ventures with BP members. In just 11 weeks, I have achieved over $300K already and that's through the help of BP members who want to make money with me. Here's the proof:

A lot of those BP members took advantage of the funding sources I referred them (and they are the ones you will meet during the Funding Summit.) Go here to register for the Funding Summit now before the price doubles and we ran out of seats!

I am sorry but I wont be able to attend the Summit due to living overseas right now. Could you elaborate more on these suggested lenders? How are you structuring some of your JV deals? Please PM me.

Originally posted by @Bryan C. :

I am sorry but I wont be able to attend the Summit due to living overseas right now. Could you elaborate more on these suggested lenders? How are you structuring some of your JV deals? Please PM me.

 Bryan, you can join online to attend the Summit. You can also can get the recording so you can watch it later. 

Here's the link:

I will PM you separately on how these JVs are structured.

Wendell, both Cindy and I will be there!

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