NY Out of State REI Meeting

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  • 01/25/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • 196-30 Northern Blvd Flushing, New York 11358
  • Free

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To all people interested in Out of State Real Estate Investing,

This meeting is open to beginner or active real estate investors who are looking for further growth. The main objective for our meeting is to educate you and help build a solid network of individuals who share the common goal of increasing their passive income through Real Estate. Purchasing in New York is simply not feasible with today's asking prices. Let's get your money to work harder for you with Out of State Real Estate where the numbers actually make sense!

Great idea to host an event like this. Won't be able to make it due to work but best of luck. 

@Steve Kontos provides great info for anyone looking to invest out of state, Definitely recommend. 

Will try to stop by, thanks for taking the time to set this up.

Great idea! I wish I had seen this sooner. If there's another meeting like this in the future I am definitely interested. :)

Sounds perfect, when and where are you having this?

Tomorrow (1/25)? Won’t be able to make it but please let me know the next date, this topic is exactly what I have been looking for...

I wish I could make it! Are you folks having another one anytime soon?

When is the next meeting?

Originally posted by @Steve Kontos :

@Donal Murphy

We are finalizing the date tonight.  Would you be able to send me your email so we can update you once we have it?

Hey Steve, 

Can you send me info on this meeting at [email protected]


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