Morristown Real Estate Investor Meet Up

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  • 04/12/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • Panera Bread, 66 Morris St Morristown, New Jersey 07960
  • Free

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Announcing our 2nd Morristown Meet Up!

This MeetUp is for anyone interested in or working in the field of Real Estate Investing. Newbies, experienced Real Estate Investors or Real Estate Professionals, Contractors, Mtg Brokers, RE Agents, Lawyers, Lenders, Title Companies - All are Welcome to attend!

Location: Panera Bread on Morris Street

We will go around the table with an introduction & background of what we are currently doing in RE Investing and what we are looking for. Others can chime in with questions or responses and then we can open the floor up for more questions.

Also, please reply with topics you would like to discuss.

Geeta and I are excited and looking forward to meeting everyone!

Hello Everyone

We are excited for the next meet up and a warm welcome to you all for joining us. Feel free to post your questions here so we can discuss at the meet up!



I'll definitely be in attendance at the next event. 

I'm a licensed real estate investor out of Central Jersey. My team and I are involved with fix and flips, rentals/multi-families, and wholesales. We frequently come across deals and sometimes are too tied up with our own capital. We wholesale the deals we're unable to pick up. 

At the event, I'm looking to grow our network of investors and add to our investor/cash buyer's list to form strategic partnerships with other investors to wholesale these excess but great deals. In addition, we're always open to picking up any deals that other investors may have as well; provided that our capital allows us to.

Excited to meet everyone at the event and do business!

Hello Bigger Pockets Community, 

I will be in attendance. I am a newbie to real estate finance. Looking to build my network and meet with others within the area. 

Look forward to meeting you all. 


Hello this will be my first meet-up event. I will be late because I work in Randolph till around 7 or 7:15 but I am happy to catch the second half!

Hi All, I should be able to make it after work tomorrow.  I look forward to meeting everyone there.  

Hello everyone, I’m new at bp forums. A fellow bp member referred me to this meetup. I will be coming tonight.

Hello Everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all tonight.

As discussed, here is a thread about Morris Invest

Great to meet you all lastnight. I look forward to the next event.

Hello Everyone! It was great to see you all on Thursday

@Larry S. - Thank for the link

Hitanshu for the next meet up could we cover crowd funding and direct mail marketing?

@Paul Papamarkos Sorry for the late reply. Good topics! and I will look into how we can cover them. I am personally researching Crowd Funding right now. 

Hey Everyone - Planning our next meet Up in June. Will keep you all posted! Cheers

Hello all any future Morris County meet ups in the upcoming weeks?

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