Video Diary of a Quick Flip Involving Minor Structural Mods

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@Todd Whiddon  You're really fast!  That's a lot going on at once.  What's your timeline to be wrapped up with everything?

WOW!  I think you're going to be able to finish this whole thing in two weeks.  That has got to make your investor very happy!

@Todd Whiddon  

Very helpful information on the granite, I will have to looking into Granco  when I come in to town as I am in need of new counter tops for my next flip.

Day 8 - Not So Rough Inspection

Video didn't happen yesterday, but we spent the day getting ready for our rough inspections today.  Our painter's / sheetrockers were slightly over ambitious and sheetrocked in the new tub we installed upstairs.... I had them remove it and install tyvek instead.  Same thing with the downstairs shower, even though the ORIGINAL sheetrock was not disturbed and we could have perhaps argued that point with the inspector, I'd rather spend about 50 bucks extra and do it the right way.

Our preparations paid off and we PASSED our rough inspection!  The inspector wants us to get an engineers letter stating the load is properly transferred to the ground, "which is pretty typical" but he went ahead and passed us off and as long as we have the letter by the final inspection "should letter have tomorrow".  

We also did several things that have held us up on prior rehabs and went ahead and did them anyways, they may or may not have been required, but going above and beyond, TAKING CONTROL of your inspection, and showing you inspector the little things you did because "you care" can go a LONG way to passing inspections and getting your rehabs done faster!

I'm sure these things are different all across the country but here are some things we normally do on rehabs just because they have held us up before.

- Change all kitchen / bath, garage and outside outlets to GFCI, depending on jurisdiction sometimes we change to separate circuit on Arc Fault breakers

- Move Microwave to separate circuit

- Add hardwired smoke / carbon detectors to code

- Add Air hammer arrestors to fridge, D/W, Laundry

- If replacing windows, ensure all new windows meet egress.

Well be wrapping up tile, flooring, and swapping out the light fixtures next couple days!

Updated over 4 years ago

BTW... For windows meeting EGRESS that's only in rooms you intend to be bedrooms, windows in other rooms can be WHATEVER

Originally posted by @Rick Baggenstoss :

@Todd Whiddon You're really fast!  That's a lot going on at once.  What's your timeline to be wrapped up with everything?


Hopeful to be on the market by THIS weekend, the replacement windows and frameless shower enclosure will happen NEXT week but I'm not worried about going to market without them.

The windows are a funky size, I called Umpteen different places trying to get them manufactured in time but to no avail.

The frameless shower enclosure is MY fault it won't be installed on time.... mainly because I forgot about it until the other day.  Had I went with a framed shower I could have still gotten it installed in time and paid about 1/2 as much.  But since we're going with more upscale finishes on this rehab we decided frameless was worth the price / wait.

Eliminating Objections

What would a buyer think???  When I walk a potential flip house, I try to put on my "Buyer Goggles", similar to "Beer Goggles" but with MUCH less regrets in the morning....

I walk the house as a buyer would walk the house... What are the first things they see?  When staging a house, this lets you know where to put your "splash" furniture and accents.  

When renovating a house, this let's you know what things a buyer may see as a "Thanks, but NO THANKS" items.

This house had a few temporary structural "Jack Poles" when we bought it.   Probably to fix a sag in the floor.   When buyers see things like this it can be a MAJOR red flag.  Even if they fixed the problem they intended to fix... they CATCH a buyers eye and make them think "somethings not quite right".   Anytime you have a situation like this, think about how you can FIX the problem in a BETTER way.

that's an excellent idea!

Day 9 - ROTTEN

I don't know about you... But THIS happens to me on ALL my projects!   You walk a house, prepare your scope of work... and as the work gets done..... things are looking better..... and as there are less and less THINGS to notice.... all the sudden MORE and MORE things start to appear......  THINGS that didn't seem like a big deal at first....... THINGS that you may not have even noticed at first..... 

While I did notice the deck was kinda gnarly on our first walk through and knew some wood needed to be replaced, it wasn't high on my radar.   Now that everything I was really worried about is handled, and I'm looking at the project with a FRESH set of eyes...

I'm like WTF.... This is a MUCH bigger deal than I first thought!   Not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.... but I should have allotted more in the budget for deck repair and I wish I had put more emphasis on this in the original scope of work.   Now my carpenters have to stop what they are doing and run grab more materials and my painters will have to hold off staining the deck until we get all the rotten wood replaced. 

Day 10 - Floored

Flooring & Tile guys started a day later than we wanted which will throw the finishing touches "appliances, shoe molding, Final Plumbing, ect" behind as well.  

We got a letter from the HOA today, "crazy we just painted the house last week!!", claiming we painted the house an unauthorized color without prior approval and that they have placed a $1,500 lien on the property until we resolve the issue with the HOA board. I made sure we painted the house the EXACT same color since I did not want to waste 30-45 days waiting on the HOA, but in all fairness to whatever neighbor called us out.... when I purchased the house it WAS GREY-ish.... and after we pressure washed all the mold and mildew off it was BEIGE-ish. Hopefully I will just fill out some forms, take some pictures, and it will be no big deal.

You would think when you are taking one of the ugliest houses on the block and making it one of the nicest, everyone would be going out of their way to THANK YOU, and MOST people do....but there is ALWAYS.....SOMEONE! 

These kinda of "neighbor" issues happen no matter what type property you are working on, whether you in a high-end hood with a bunch of rich folks, or a low-end hood with a bunch of not so rich folks, NEIGHBORS are always something your team will have to contend with.   

I love watching the renovation from the beginning. Great idea with taking video really helps get a better idea of the house and the layout. I'm gonna start doing that myself. Thanks can't wait to see more.

Thanks so much for sharing! Very inspiring and exciting! When I finish my much smaller scale rehabs I am kidding, here is my million dollar house! Now I have a chance to see how real million dollar houses rising up from obscurity and I appreciate that. Thumbs up to everyone envolved!  

..."to everyone involved". I thought I fixed the typo but editor did not care? 

Great looking project I would be interested in knowing about your budget and costs on this one... (once done albeit)

Originally posted by @Gordon T. :

I see you just listed this one @Todd Whiddon . Can't wait to see the pics!


Your WISH is my command.... feel free to use on the New Western SIZZLE real!

Guess I need to do a final VIDEO walkthrough!

That 'minor structural mod' made a HUGE difference. It is gorgeous, and I love the choice of flooring. I'm sure anyone following this would love to see a video walk-through. 

Originally posted by @Jacob Bunce :

That 'minor structural mod' made a HUGE difference. It is gorgeous, and I love the choice of flooring. I'm sure anyone following this would love to see a video walk-through. 

 Thanks Jacob!  Yea it is CRAZY how much opening up walls can change a space for the better!  

WALAH - Final Walkabout

Sorry for being a slacker... Here's the final product!  Long Video "7 Mins" but WORTH IT!

Dang and I thought 

@Ben Leybovich French was bad!  But that is a great video.  Fantastic job on opening up the kitchen/dining room area.   That is money extremely well spent.  

Excellent job!!!

Originally posted by @Don Harris :

Congratulations @Todd Whiddon tremendous job. On to the next one!

 Thanks Don!   We need to chat about RE investing in Charlotte! My wife's BEST friends from High School live there so I'm under IMMENSE pressure to start investing there!

Originally posted by @Cal C. :

Dang and I thought 

@Ben Leybovich French was bad!  But that is a great video.  Fantastic job on opening up the kitchen/dining room area.   That is money extremely well spent.  


Lucky for us, our investor on this project was feeling SAUCY and wanted to SWING for the fences on the rehab.  Originally we wanted to go El-Cheapo on the rehab "Leave the original parkay floors, low cost fixtures, ect.  He had the vision to SPEND more to MAKE more and it PAID off!

Our target ARV when we purchased the property was 375k.... we thought with an upscale rehab we could possible go 400k.... Apparently the freestanding tub in the master was a hit and we are looking to close in the 430's!

Originally posted by @Ben Leybovich :

Excellent job!!!

 Thanks Ben!

Wonder what these Freestanding tubs would do for cashflow on Multi's in Lima?

Thanks for sharing the videos @Todd Whiddon . I really enjoyed seeing the whole process unfold. I was wondering though, was finishing the basement just not feasible for the budget or did it just not add enough to ARV to justify?

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