CA due diligence / real estate trip, San Francisco, Los Angeles

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Hello all :)

Business / fun /due diligence trip, starting this weekend for 7 days (Sept 21 - 28). I will be road tripping from San Francisco to Los Angeles, with a few stop in between. I have a few appointments already with syndication sponsors (which I am already invested with and prospective). I am looking to meet with folks in the Monterey, Santa Monica, and Santa Barbara areas. I want to meet for coffee / lunch and talk about the local real estate market. I want to know whats worked well, what hasn't, and where you see the market going.

Please send me a PM here if interested, and lets set a date/time to meet!

If you know any (or are yourself) large apartment, self storage, mobile home park, etc. syndicators in the Bay Area and Los Angeles area, please reach out to me as I'd love to go out for coffee and learn more about you and your firm.

Cheers all, and hope to meet you.