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Long Beach - LA County - Orange County Meetup (Virtual)
Hey BP crew!  I'm fairly new to the group and wanted to see if there would be any interest in getting together (virtually) to meet other likeminded people in the area. If you live in Long Beach, LA County or Orange... View more
Prop 19 will be implemented Feb 15 and upon your death will trigger a new evaluation of your properties for property taxes. This could force your family to sell the property to pay taxes. If they don’t move into the... View more
Prop 19 and Property Taxes in California for Inherited Property
In November, Proposition 19 passed in California. This Proposition changes the way Prop 13 works, the monumental proposition from 1978 which fixed property taxes in California to 1% of the purchase price plus inflation... View more
California extending eviction moratoriums through end of July
For those landlords in California, Governor Newsom signed another executive order authorizing local governments to extend current eviction moratoriums two more months, through July 28th.  (His previous executive order... View more
Southern California market
Hey I'm hosting a meet up for San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County and Los Angeles County. It's going to be on zoom. We are going to be discussing how to find deals. Also it will be networking... View more
Building an inlaw unit for rent
My house in Union City (East Bay) has 3 beds/2 baths of 1340sqf + garage on a land of 6000. Recently I've been thinking about building an in-law unit of around 600-700sqf with private entrance and put it for rent. The... View more
Opinions on investment properties in Big Bear for air bnb?
I see a lot of small 1 bed cabins on the market in Big Bear for around $100k.  My only real estate experience so far is a condo I bought a couple of years ago in LA area that is my primary residence and I have no... View more
Reduce California Rentals into a Delaware Statutory Trust?
In California we have three rentals, our primary dwelling, and one vacant lot.  We are considering diversifying into property elsewhere via Delaware Statutory Trust.  Here are the parameters we're using in the... View more
Masonry Contractor in Hayward, CA?
I'm looking for a contractor to redo the wall at the front of the mobile home park I manage, and possibly also replace a beam in the clubhouse. Any local recommendations for someone who does small jobs like these?
Acquiring your real estate license in California
Hello. I am interested in acquiring my real estate license in California. I'm confused about whether working under someone who currently holds a real estate license is a requirement just to become licensed. I was on... View more
1 Bedroom vs Studio Condo
Hello All!I am looking to purchase a condo to live in then hopefully rent out after a few years. I am purchasing this condo in the pasadena area near the community college and cal tech. My question comes in two parts.... View more
Want to golfing and network with other investors?
Is there anyone like me that enjoys golf and also likes meeting other local investors?  I am considering putting together a group based in LA/Orange County that meets monthly and plays golf and talks real estate... View more
New to BP, Santa Barbara Area
Hello Everyone,Just wanted to introduce myself and get started on the forums. I'm just starting out my REI "career" and have a lot to learn, but am intrigued by everything Real Estate has to offer. My goals and focus... View more
Buying a Duplex Property
I am looking into buying a duplex property in Sacramento region. I have seen few on the market that stay in market for a longtime or get back in market every few days. All these properties seems to have tenants as... View more
ADU Advice Bay Area
Does anyone have any experience with ADU's in the Bay Area? Specially with cost, planning, timing, contractors etc. I'm looking to build in Vallejo, Ca.
Have experience building an ADU in Signal Hill or Long Beach?
I am planning on building an ADU on a duplex I recently purchased in Signal Hill. I am leaning towards converting an existing freestanding accessory dwelling by expanding it into an ADU, it already has electricity,... View more
Appraisal of a property with an ADU unit
I am working on refinance of my single family home with an recently developed ADU unit in the bay area that cost more than 300k to build and the appraiser only added 75k in value for the in law unitThe ADU unit is... View more
ADU San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose)
Hi, I wan't to build a detached ADU in our backyard. This would be my first home building/addition project. I was looking for suggestions on: Total Cost & Cost per sq / ft Project timelineSuggestions on... View more
Turning a SFH into a two-family house
I used to rent out (as a tenant) a single family home in San Francisco where the upper and lower floors were separated by their own doors with locks. We shared the garage and the backyard, and the lower unit had its'... View more
Marin County, CA – Real Estate
Hello Everyone, I have tried this before and had some success. I have moved from San Francisco to Marin County and would love to meet likeminded folks in the area. If you live in Marin County, CA and would like to get... View more
Will you rent to this situation?
I have a condo at San Jose. I got an application from an older couple (50s, not married, with a adult high school kid). Would like to get some suggestions/opinion whether I should move forward with them.Pros:- Decent... View more
Good Locations for an Airbnb in California
Hi all! I'm researching STR options for my first investment, and I'm wondering what areas of California are prosperous for Airbnbs? I know Joshua Tree is booming, but I'm wondering if I've missed that wave? I'm... View more
California Markets for Newbie Investor
Hi! I'm super new to real estate and doing lots of research, and want to get started on investing in 2021 hopefully. I live in LA, and don't have anywhere near the amount needed to buy property here. I work remotely,... View more
Big Bear/ Lake Arrowhead fire risk?
I'm interested in purchasing property for potential Airbnb or long term rental in the Lake Arrowhead/ Crestline, or Big Bear Lake area. Currently a Los Angeles resident. The main issue holding me back is fire risk,... View more

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