Renting to nurses in Roseville/ Sacramento area

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Howdy BP!
Is anyone out there renting a 3/2 house (or larger) to multiple nurses, admin, excs, anywhere but specifically in the Roseville, CA area? I've read posts that say most aren't crazy with having a roommate. Ours has 2 beds and 1 bath upstairs, and a master suite downstairs. We're thinking one person upstairs, one downstairs initially. Also have a shed we'd like to convert to a 1/1 on same property. Thinking on focusing on medical in Roseville/ Folsom/ Sacramento area.

It would be great to hear from someone in this area and what your experiencing on the ground locally. Especially who you advertise with, how you price, what organizational structure your are using (LLC, S corp, etc.), and your knowledge of the laws on this area regarding STR's and 30+ day rentals. Oh, and any insight in the medical industry in roseville, seems like it's growing, more admin bldg's, etc.

Does anyone go straight to the hospital to advertise?

Right now I have long term tenant's and would like to test the medical waters in Roseville, CA - Thanks a bunch :)

Not sure how much this will help since I live in San Jose, not Sacramento area.

But I work as a registered nurse in the south bay. My hospital/unit utilizes travel nurses to help cover vacations. The travel nurses I have worked with are looking for cheaper rents so they can keep a bigger part of their lodging stipend. Typically they have contracts for 3 months. They tend to look for places that are already furnished with amenities (specifically Wifi). 

Not sure if want to target this specific niche of nurses or if this is how you want to set up your rentals. Some travel nurses look thru listings on Furnished Finder, Airbnb, Facebook, or VRBO.