REI Meet-up in North Idaho... Interested?

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I've been having a hard time finding any REI meet-ups in North Idaho, so I feel it's time we start one. A monthly meet-up would allow new and experienced investors to build a real estate network within North Idaho, and could potentially lead to partnerships, etc.

Is there anyone in the Lewiston, Moscow, Pullman and/or Clarkston area that would be like to attend these meet-ups? Please respond if you're interested. I'd like to get the ball rolling, so we can have a January meeting. 

Best wishes,


I'm interested.... keep me in the loop if this comes together. Best Wishes.


Definitely interested. I think WCLTA has regular meet-ups, although I have yet to attend.

That is a great contact Alex. Does anyone know of any meetups or REI groups in Coeur d'Alene area? Or something like WCLTA? I'm new as well, love BP and the podcasts and would like to network with people of like mind in my area. I'm looking at buy and hold, rentals. Just starting. Thank you!

the CDA REI meets the first Thursday of the month, at 1450 Northwest Blvd, STE 107. 6:30pm. See you there!

Is this still on for this Thursday 3/10? Can anyone go?

this is on for Thursday 3/3. See you all there...

6:30pm. first Thursday of the month, at 1450 Northwest Blvd, STE 107. 

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