any areas in PG county for buy & hold rentals?

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Anywhere the numbers work. Some areas are nicer than others and a few appreciate more than others. Still appreciation is slower than DC and a few other areas but certain pockets are going up a little faster. It's a nice progressive county over all.

It really depends on your motivate and what you are looking for..  You can run the cap rate on any rental.. The rentals in safer nicer areas will be lower cap rates than the areas in higher crime locations.  Appreciation varies from city to city.  The areas close in to DC (Mt Rainier, Hyattsville, ect)  have been going up more quickly over the last 4-5 years but that has stopped.  just as DC has stopped going up in value. All have Depreciated over the last year and Zillow predictes another drop in value of 1-3%  .. Personally, I invest in Bowie MD.. It's gone up slow and steady since the last market crash.. Very Safe, nice shopping and some good Elementary schools.. (None of the Jr. High or High Schools are good)   Anyway, most of my tenants are military out of Ft. Meade or J.B. Andrews.  Cap rates in Bowie are 5% to 8% depending on how good of a deal you get on the property.  Laurel is very similar to Bowie but with a lower cap rate.. (prices are more due to better commuter location to DC and Baltimore)  Prices in Laurel are higher but the rents are about the same as Bowie. Not sure about the schools in Laurel.

I'm not sure where anything has depreciated in Prince George's County. Is this on a broad scale because nothing i work with has. Also, why would you say DC has stopped appreciating? My last flip appreciated some within the 6 months i was on it.

I'm a buy and holder in College Park.  I own the closest residential building to the College Park Metro Station.  There's a lot of development going on in College Park as they want to be a "Top 20 College Town" and there's a partnership between the city and the university that's making it happen. I'm bullish on CP!

I have a town home just outside NE, DC that has gained approx 10k in equity in the one year I've owned it and I believe this entire metro area has more room to grow.  I'm just excited to be here