Investor friendly real estate agents in southeast Michigan

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I was wondering if any of you could point me in the direction of some good real estate agents in the Oakland county area of Michigan.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Joe Delia. Keller Williams Royal Oak Mi

let me know when you find one that's worth keeping.

I have a network of a few, but the best way to meet real estate agents is to talk to anyone that you know that might be one, as well as attend some of the REI events locally. There is a Thursday event on the 17 of November that is at the Club Venetian Hall in Madison Heights

Depending on the area in Oakland County I could be :D I would have to meet you at a few houses you are interested in and we would go through a house and you would tell me your rehab costs and if they are similar to mine or lower then we have a relationship. At this time you can send me deals you think are good and I will also go and look at deals I feel may be worthy and provide pictures, a video, estimated rehab costs, estimated ARV and a recommended purchase price. The first couple times you are going to be hesitant and want to look at the house before you put an offer in so we can but after a few you may not want to see the house until the inspection period.

I have represented several people on this forum buying and selling property all over metro Detroit. Give me shout !

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