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Is an Accessory Dwelling Unit Legal/Worth it
My husband and I are educating ourselves and wanting to get started in real estate investing. (We'll also be first time home buyers.) In particular we would like to do some form of house hacking but multi-family home... View more
Looking For An Investment-Savvy Real Estate Agent in Kalamazoo
Hi all,I am currently invested in Grand Rapids, but exploring a few other areas of Michigan. I have targeted Kalamazoo, and would love to speak with a local agent who has good experience with the investment landscape.... View more
Investing in Michigan
Hi everyone,Anyone who regularly invests in Michigan please message me. Looking to build relationships with like minded people and expand my network of investors. Whether your in my area in south east Michigan or not... View more
We are coming to Detroit
My business partner @Alex Taub and I will be in Detroit from 3/19-3/21. We will be there to explore the area to see if purchasing a rental in the area makes sense. We would very much appreciate it if someone would be... View more
First Live-In Flip. Excited to grow!!
I just got started in real estate investing a few months ago. I bought a 3br 1ba with an investor. I’m looking to scale up with multifamily.   I live in Holt, MI just by Lansing, Michigan so investors in the area are... View more
Downriver Metro Detroit Investing - Too good to be true?
Hey guys,So I am very familiar with Oakland/Macomb County, but recently have been looking into Wayne County.  Specifically the downriver areas (Wyandotte, Lincoln Park, Taylor, etc).  Just by looking at what things are... View more
Something is happening in St. Clair Shores
Been tracking zip codes closely since COVID hit and have noticed a huge divergence in listing activity in St Clair Shores. People are starting to dump properties there for some reason. You would think there would be... View more
Muskegon, MI Property Management
I recently expanded my investing footprint to include Muskegon, MI. Anyone have experience/recommendations for Muskegon property management?  The house requires a complete rehab but will be a nice 3 bed/1bath when... View more
Muskegon, MI rental market
Muskegon looks to be turning things around over the last several years with some interesting new economic development plans in the works. Anyone investing in Muskegon willing to share their experiences regarding tenant... View more
Short Term Rentals - MI lakeshore towns
Just curious if anyone has invested in short term rentals in cities like South Haven, Saugatuck, Pentwater, etc. and could share some details about how their properties perform or how they found the property. How does... View more
List of title companies in Michigan
Does anyone know if title companies in Michigan are required to register with the counties they operate in? If so, there must be a list somewhere of each active title company by county. Assuming it exists, where can I... View more
Purchasing multiple properties in one go - Michigan
I've recently been viewing a number of properties that belong to a very large portfolio, the seller is doing much bigger deals now and wants to offload his smaller rental properties. At minimum there are two SF houses... View more
Foreign investor SFH/MFH in Michigan
A non-US citizen friend is interested to partner with me to purchase a rental property in the Detroit metropolitan area. Ideally not a cash deal. Timeline by March or April 2021. 
PM in MI - Saginaw, Bay City, Midland
Can any of the Michigan investors recommend a reliable property manager in Saginaw, Bay City or Midland? Also, are there any PMs that you would not recommend?  Thank you!
Joint Venture Questions
Hi All,I am working on using OPM to invest in my first properties and I am finding a lawyer that knows the laws in Michigan to help me develop a contract or LLC agreement with the investor so we can do deals together.... View more
How did you get a 80/20 refinancing?
Hi Friends! I have talked with a hand full of lenders about refinancing a BRRR (Property that I bought with a business partner to Buy Rehab Rent Repeat). A lot of the lenders I know through being an agent are telling... View more
BRRRRing homes in SE Michigan
Hey, everyone! It's a strange time to get into real estate investing but I've been reading books, listening to BP podcasts, YouTube, ect. I have some capital and possible private money, great credit and drive. I am... View more
HELOC/LOC on paid off Investment Property?
First post and new to BP... I live in West Michigan, I have a paid off single family rental. I'm looking for the best way to get a HELOC or LOC on this property? I want to have LOC available to make cash offers on... View more
Commercial lender at Michigan
Hello,I did purchase single family rental at Michigan in 2018 and recently transferred from my name to LLC. Now, I am thinking to refinance as my current 30 year mortgage rate is above 5% and believe that I can get... View more
Best way to transfer rental property from personal to LLC
If one were to purchase a rental property as an individual, what is the typical process for then moving ownership of it to an LLC? Seems like that might be an issue for the bank that holds the mortgage since they would... View more
Ypsilanti - Rent by the room
Hello- I am new to BP, and we are considering an investment property. This is a 9 bed 2 bath property that has been rented by the room for many years. What are things to consider when buying? All tenants are M2M,... View more
Looking for properties around 20-30k
Hey I’m looking to find some properties, preferably on the west side, around 20-30k. I’m new to investing and don’t know the best way to go about that other than the typical Zillow/etc route. I appreciate any help and... View more

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