Looking for commercial broker in North New Jersey

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Hello dear members. Can you recommend me a dedicated commercial real state broker in NJ area? Looking to invest in multifamily rental property in Bergen, Hudson, Morris or Essex county. I work as an engineer during the week and would like to see properties on the weekend. Would love to connect with a dedicated professional who is willing to work weekends. Thank you!

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This post has been removed.

Hey Marta, 

I'd suggest you try to spend more time on evaluating those multifamily assets before going out in the field to see them. 

The reason I mentioned this is that a broker showing a lot of buildings on weekends could lose motivation after a while. 

Hope this helps. Goodluck. Thanks! - Ola


I would suggest Jason Trembicki with Keller Williams in Hoboken. 

When you find a deal...I'll fund it. Bergen County is a good area! PM Details when available..

Thank you all! I will be reaching out to the recommended agents and hopefully sharing a success story soon. Really appreciate BP community. 

I see that majority replies  came from PRO members. Would you guys recommend to go PRO? I know that one of the biggest benefits is being able to use BP calculator. However I have a specially set up spread sheet which I received from a very successful real estate investor GC to calculate the numbers and it works well for me. Any other reasons that you would recorded PRO membership? 

Your success won’t hinge on your membership here.

I think over time people go Pro here to give back to BP for being a great resource.

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