No investors in Meridian, Mississippi???

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Hello Bigger Pockets Community, 

I'm looking for fellow investors in the Meridian area. I am also hoping to find a REIA nearby. Any contacts and information would be greatly appreciated.

                           Thanks,                                           Trevor Bunyard

I have 2 multi-family properties in Meridian, however, please note I don't live there.  I grew up in Jackson, MS so I have a lot of knowledge of the MS area (which is why I invest there), but I live in Maryland.

Thanks for reaching out Justin. I have two single families out in the county and I'm trying to find some people in the area to link up with. Been real scarce thus far. If you don't mind me asking: Do you manage those properties yourself? Are they in the city limits?


I'm in Olive Branch MS & go into Memphis to attend REIA. They meet the 2nd Thursday night of each month. I know that's a pretty good drive from Meridian but let me know if you are interested and I can shoot you info.

Mark thank you for reaching out. Yes, Memphis is a good trip and long distance investing isn't on my short list but I would love to make contacts anywhere and be able to get some good conversation in. Send me the info and I may be able to attend one.


Good evening,
I am in Hattiesburg and invest in single family and apartments here.  I have owned one rental in Meridian for 5 or 6 years.  It is a nice house, leases for $675/month.  My manger in Meridian passed way a few months ago and I have decided to sell the house.  I think it would appraise for 65K or more and i would be willing to do a quick sale with the tenant in place for 48K.  Let me know if you have any interest and i can send you more details.  Thank you,


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