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Why Do You Invest in Mississippi & Jackson?
BiggerPockets! I'm working on building a landing page for Mississippi and the city of Jackson. Would anyone be willing to share why you invest in the state and/or the city? What makes your state and city so wonderful... View more
Vacancy Rate in Oxford MS
Hi BP Members!I'm looking to invest in Oxford, MS because the crime rate is low and the schools are great. My only concern is the vacancy rate that I see on neighborhood scout which is: 30%. This concerns me because I... View more
2021 Goals (Mississippi)
How many doors in Mississippi are you looking to take down in 2021? I'm shooting for 15 for our company this year.  Also,  What is your niche? (Your go to property you like.) Love to connect if you are in the area or... View more
Any advice for a newbie wholesaling in Jackson MS area?
Hi all, and Happy New Year! I am fairly new to the game of real estate, and was very intrigued about wholesaling houses. I wanted to gain some information as to what techniques to use, what houses to look for, what... View more
First Rental in Brandon, MS
Hello all,We've been lurking for a while and doing research to begin investing in real estate. After a few months of reading and searching, we settled on Brandon, MS as a location and just purchased our first rental... View more
Calling all Mississippi investors - how great are your returns?
Mississippi Investors , I have been doing a lot of market research, and I need your experience.From a micro level, your stats on population growth, price to rent ratios, YOY job growth, crime rate, median income... View more
Appraiser in Jackson, Mississippi
Hi BP! I own several properties in Jackson Mississippi. I'm refinancing them through a portfolio loan with my bank in New Orleans but my bank is having a difficult time finding an appraiser in Jackson, Mississippi.... View more
Pascagoula, MS - 1st time investor - property manag. unethical
I bought a property last Dec. out in Pascagoula, MS and used the property management associated with the real-estate company, I flew out there, saw the property and like the agent...fast forward to when I was back out... View more
Starting to get into fix and flips in Starkville!
Hey everyone! So I am 21, and I have about 200K I want to use for fix and flips in the Starkville, MS area. Is there any advice for finding a good priced house to renovate and how to find good contractors in the local... View more
Oxford, MS Investing
I'm looking to purchase my first investment property.  I went to Ole Miss for grad school and loved the town so I thought that Oxford could be a good place to buy my first rental property.  I am wondering if there was... View more
Property tax in Jackson MS
Hi all, I am considering buying a SFH in Jackson, but I have no information on taxes. How much tax is due (approximately) on a 60k house, in your opinion?Thank you in advance for your input.
Vicksburg, MS Investors
Hey everyone! I am in Birmingham, AL, but recently got contacted about a house in Vicksburg, MS. The deal was too good to pass up. I've been looking for other investors who may be interested in the area, but haven't... View more
Property Management Companies in Jackson, MS area
Hello, any recommendations on Property Management companies in Jackson, MS area. I found a few just by googling, but after talking to then it seems like no one is taking any new clients. I plan to purchase 2 properties... View more
Mississippi Land Patent question - please help
I will keep it simple. I purchased a parcel through the SOS tax forfeited land website, otc, and received a land patent from the state. Its filed with the chancery clerk. Its in my name. Its not a certificate,... View more
What's the deal with MS Sec. of Ag. sales?
I was looking at the MLS for Mississippi and found some properties listed as being sold by the Secretary of Agriculture. They are quitclaim deeds. I couldn't find anything about the program or why Ag. would have them... View more
What to do with Inherited Land
One of my friends has inherited some land in MS.  I believe it's 5 acres of land in a very rural part of town.  It used to be farm land years ago but nowadays farmers aren't interested in renting small acreage.  Its... View more
Investing in the Hattiesburg MS Area
Hello everyone. I am currently placing a home under contract in the hattiesburg area of MS but I am currently out of state. Can anyone please give me some advice on the area? Are there any investors that actively work... View more
Wholesale Turnkey Property Sellers in Jackson MS
I have been a wholesale turnkey buyer/rehabber/seller/investor in Jackson ms For years now and have investors that purchase all my profits. I would like to connect with other turnkey sellers to learn more and share... View more
Any investors in Oxford, MS?
Hi BP,I'm visiting relatives in Oxford MS this Christmas and am interested in the RE environment in that area.  It's a College football town of around 25,000, (Ole Miss) and I was wondering if anyone on BP has looked... View more
Central Mississippi CPAs / Tax Preparers
Hi all,Ahead of tax season, do people have any highly-recommended CPAs / tax preparers in the Central Mississippi area that's familiar and up-to-date on real estate investing rules and tricks of the trade? If they also... View more

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