Buy and Hold Cash Flow in Sacramento

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For the most part, i agree with all of the experiences and suggestions being posted here.  I was investing in Sac from Silicon Valley and realized the potential several years ago.  It took some personal sacrifice as i had to spend time away from my family, lots of saving (no $10/drinks at Santana Row with the boys), lots of hustling, weekend drives, self-management, investing in rough neighborhoods and a lot of failures for me to understand and appreciate where i am today.  I recently moved to the area and expanded my rental business while working full-time.  Sac has been an awesome place to work, live, play, invest and have great local craft beer!  I'm in this for the long haul and am looking forward to networking with Realtors who can connect me with wholesale properties, investors who want to grab a beer to network and buyers who are looking to partner on future potential deals.  Happy Hunting!

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