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Is it good to buy a rental property in Merced,CA?
Pooja C. Last post by Pooja C., about 3 hours ago
Pooja C. Pooja C. 5 about 3 hours Jump to last post
Running the numbers on Sacramento properties, nothing makes sense
Anthony Giardina Last post by Anthony Giardina, about 10 hours ago
Anthony Giardina Anthony Giardina 3 about 10 hours Jump to last post
Investing in Sacramento CA
Jo-Ann Lapin Last post by Jo-Ann Lapin, 2 days ago
Jo-Ann Lapin Jo-Ann Lapin 10 2 days Jump to last post
House Hacking in Midtown/Downtown Sacramento
Pavan Sandhu Last post by Pavan Sandhu, 18 days ago
Pavan Sandhu Pavan Sandhu 5 18 days Jump to last post
Looking for a mortgage broker recommendation in Sacramento area
Jesse Hinaman Last post by Jesse Hinaman, 20 days ago
Jesse Hinaman Jesse Hinaman 5 20 days Jump to last post
Investment property in Sacramento
DJ Dawson Last post by DJ Dawson, 20 days ago
DJ Dawson DJ Dawson 11 20 days Jump to last post
Damaged tub by tenant. What are my options?
Sue K. Last post by Sue K., 20 days ago
Sue K. Sue K. 6 20 days Jump to last post
I'm new here, Any hope for two low-wage earners to invest in SAC?
Jack Isberner Last post by Jack Isberner, 28 days ago
Jack Isberner Jack Isberner 9 28 days Jump to last post
REI In Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Ca
Adam Engle-Sorrell Last post by Adam Engle-Sorrell, about 1 month ago
Adam Engle-Sorrell Adam Engle-Sorrell 8 about 1 month Jump to last post
Casino impact on property value - Elk Grove, CA
Jay Hinrichs Last post by Jay Hinrichs, 2 months ago
Jay Hinrichs Jay Hinrichs 12 2 months Jump to last post
Where do you get your appliances in the Sacramento Area?
Kevin Reinell Last post by Kevin Reinell, 2 months ago
Kevin Reinell Kevin Reinell 11 2 months Jump to last post
Looking for REI Community/Club in Yuba County.
Kylee Johnson Last post by Kylee Johnson, 2 months ago
Kylee Johnson Kylee Johnson 4 2 months Jump to last post
New to investing in Sacramento, am I analyzing my deal correctly?
Alester Thomas Last post by Alester Thomas, 2 months ago
Alester Thomas Alester Thomas 4 2 months Jump to last post
New Construction REI in Sacramento - Natomas
Kumar Gaurav Last post by Kumar Gaurav, 3 months ago
Kumar Gaurav Kumar Gaurav 6 3 months Jump to last post
anyone with sacramento courthouse auction experience please share
Patrick Phouangpanya Last post by Patrick Phouangpanya, 3 months ago
Patrick Phouangpanya Patrick Phouangpanya 13 3 months Jump to last post
Sacramento - anyone having tenants pay for water?
Krissie Dempsey Last post by Krissie Dempsey, 4 months ago
Krissie Dempsey Krissie Dempsey 18 4 months Jump to last post
Rent Control is Finally Coming to Sacramento
Mark Johnson Last post by Mark Johnson, 4 months ago
Mark Johnson Mark Johnson 35 4 months Jump to last post
Belwood Investments & Red Door Theory, Turn key flips in Sac?
Dave Peterson Last post by Dave Peterson, 4 months ago
Dave Peterson Dave Peterson 1 4 months Jump to last post
Millennial Migration to Sacramento 2017 - Here Comes the Rush!
Brian Serina Last post by Brian Serina, 4 months ago
Brian Serina Brian Serina 44 4 months Jump to last post
Self storage newbie looking for suggestions....
Thomas Jackson Last post by Thomas Jackson, 4 months ago
Thomas Jackson Thomas Jackson 9 4 months Jump to last post
Market news & data - where do you look?
Antonio Figueroa Last post by Antonio Figueroa, 4 months ago
Antonio Figueroa Antonio Figueroa 0 4 months Jump to last post
Maintenance Company Roseville Area
Manny Segovia Last post by Manny Segovia, 4 months ago
Manny Segovia Manny Segovia 1 4 months Jump to last post
Sacramento / Elk Grove Wholesalers
Kenneth Donald Last post by Kenneth Donald, 5 months ago
Kenneth Donald Kenneth Donald 6 5 months Jump to last post
Any advice on finding the right people to work with?
Constancia R. Last post by Constancia R., 5 months ago
Constancia R. Constancia R. 2 5 months Jump to last post
Looking to Connect with Other BPers in Sacramento
Craig Bussey Last post by Craig Bussey, 5 months ago
Craig Bussey Craig Bussey 72 5 months Jump to last post

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