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Investment Property Refinance
I have a property that I've put a little money into recently and am debating refinancing to cash out. Does anyone have any recommendations for banks or lenders, that you've worked with, who will do a cash-out on a... View more
Any recommendations of good PM in Sacramento and surrounding area
Hi- I've started looking for a good PM for my 1st property in Sacramento. As many of you (experienced investors) mentioned that finding good PM is the key to success, so I'm trying to do research on this Any veterans... View more
Landscaping Work for backyard lawn near Roseville (New SFH)
Hello, New construction SFH generally do not have backyard-landscaping done. > Please share if you, as a Remote-Buyer, have any positive experience with a landscape/concrete work done in Roseville for a new... View more
Sacramento House Hack
My wife and I just closed on our 3rd investment property in Sacramento. Total of 5 doors now in the last 3 years and we both have full time jobs. So anyone else out there can door too!!!I thought it would be beneficial... View more
Contractor did not pull permit. What are my options?
HiI am in the midst of a rehab in Sacramento. The goal is to fix the place up and sell it. The work includes electrical update, plumbing, new kitchen, new bath, removal of one interior wall and addition of another... View more
Adding Bed/Bath in converted garage - Sacramento, CA
I'm planning to buy a property that has a converted garage. However, according to me, that space is not well used. So, I am planning to further remodel that space into a master bedroom. It also has a huge laundry area... View more
Buying a Duplex Property
I am looking into buying a duplex property in Sacramento region. I have seen few on the market that stay in market for a longtime or get back in market every few days. All these properties seems to have tenants as... View more
Greater Sacramento ROI?
Hello,I am new to real estate investing. I live in Sacramento. I am curious what kind of Cash-on-Cash ROI and Cap Rate is typical for different parts of the Greater Sacramento (e.g. Elk Grove, Roseville, Folsom) area?... View more
To permit, or not to permit in Sacramento
What’s going on Sac Town,I’m looking for your general thoughts on getting permits for rehab projects. What do you get permits for, if any? And when you pull them, are you seeking out owner builder permits typically,... View more
Looking for Sac property manager experienced with section 8 / HCV
My husband has a long-term tenant renting a SFR in Oak Park, near McClatchy Park. He'd like to hand over property management to a local property manager experienced working with SHRA and HCV program. Ideal management... View more
Investment opinion for Arden-Arcade Sacramento
Hello fellow BP-ers, I am currently looking for an investment property in the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento. Considering most of desirable Sac neighborhoods have already appreciated a lot in the recent few years and... View more
Looking to connect with others in the Sacramento area
Hello everyone, I am just getting started as an investor in the Sacramento area and would love to connect with like minded people in the area. Also, I am looking to build my investing team and start my REI journey... View more
Anyone Know A Good Place to Get Cabinets in the Sacramento Area?
Hello, I am getting ready to do my first remodel, and am looking for recommendations for a company to order kitchen and bathroom cabinets from.  The house is in the Sacramento area.   Thanks in advance!
General Contractor - Sacramento!!
Looking at a property in Arden-Arcade area tomorrow afternoon and wanted to see if a general contractor can come give an estimate on the rehab I'm planning to do. I am planning to add a bathroom too if the numbers make... View more
Belwood Investments & Red Door Theory, Turn key flips in Sac?
Has anyone here worked with Belwood Investments in Sacramento before ? are doing "Turn key flips" in Sacramento. Using your money and splitting the profit. A friend is currently... View more
Real Estate Investment Groups/ Meetups
Hello,I am looking for other REI's in the Sacramento area. Are there any meetups, groups, or forums where we can connect and talk about investing. I would like to work with others to expand our networks and scale our... View more
Returning to RE after 6 Years: Are there still deals here?
Hello All,I am returning to RE after taking 6 years off, as last purchased a MFR in Roseville that was an amazing deal in 2014. I would love to buy here again, but do the number still work for buy and hold investing?... View more
Sacramento flipping and deal finding
Anyone else having trouble landing deals? Am I too slow (probably), cheap (probably), or not talking to the right people (probably)?! I have $350k conventional loan to play with and personal cash. I am working with a... View more
Investing in Natomas Crossing?
Looking for advice on Natomas Crossing investments for rental property, within the Sacramento area. Does anyone have any experience with this neighborhood? There seems to be a lot of construction going on, but I’ve... View more
Investing in Natomas area?
What are your thoughts of investing in rental properties in the Natomas area? I feel like Natomas might become what Elk Grove has been in the last 10-15 year, blooming like crazy. Can anyone tell me their experiences... View more
Short Term Rental In Downtown Sacramento - 1 Bed / 1 Bath
I am in the process of acquiring a duplex with 1 bed / 1 bath units (approx 750 SF), in the Downtown Sacramento core. I am analyzing creative ways to increase cashflow on the units through short term rentals (airbnb),... View more
Seeking Advice : Converted Garage Property
I am looking into few house where with garage is either converted into 1bed/1bath house or either have some 1 additional room in backyard. What are things I have to be careful about while dealing with these property?... View more
Real Estate Auctions Sacramento
Hey Sacramento investor's I have been sent an email about Real estate auction coming up in January, Wanting to get some feed back about these. I have never attended an auction before but I would like to, seems very... View more
Emergency rental assistance program in Sacramento
Sacramento landlords, I just saw this:Emergency rental assistance program in SacramentoIf you have low-income tenants who aren’t paying rent due to COVID, you might encourage them to apply for this. If they get it, the... View more
Questions For Multi Family Investors in Sacramento
I have a few questions for multi family investors (5+ units) active in the Sacramento market. Please message me. I'm an active RE investor here in San Diego and curious about the Sacramento market on a micro level.... View more