Costa Hawkins Repeal Measure - SFH L-Lords - Rent Hike B4 Nov?!?!

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Hello fellow Single Family Home Landlords - w/ the impending decision/measure on the repeal of Costa Hawkins on the upcoming ballot (November):

Also, another good FAQ on Costa Hawkins:

Curious if any landlords who have tenants on a month-to-month basis are planning on delivering a notice of rent increase in advance of the November election to get the rent increase in before the potentiality of it being passed/Sacramento/local cities will have the ability to pass rent control? 

Not the most versed but would love if folks could chime in w/ how they plan on getting out in front of this as single family landlords. 

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Some of us are actually getting out ahead of this in another way - by helping pass the measure that will give cities and communities their own say in how to address this issue (rather than having a blanket state-wide approach that takes that power and authority away from local governments who might do more to keep people in their homes, and off the streets).

I will try to be open-minded for a healthy discussion as I hope others will be. My main question is if we are having a house shortage, rent control limiting rent would only make the problem worse? The argument “everyone has a right to shelter” i can agree but I do not think everyone has a right to live in Manhattan. Supply and demand. Not everyone can sit front row to the concert. I do think there always most be compassion for those with less and why we have section 8 etc. maybe I am not seeing it right but just my 2 cents

Rent Control can totally be debated - but the effort to repeal Costa Hawkins is really a different argument. Should local communities/cities be able to have the right to determine their own housing policies, what protections they offer their residents, and what works best in their specific economic, housing, political, cultural, and social context? I think they should.

Now, what actual housing policies each city should pursue - that's a rich debate, no doubt. But Costa Hawkins only exists to prohibit that discussion from even happening, by giving cities (almost) no say in such policies.