I am looking for an investor friendly realtor in Orlando

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Hi all my name is dario and I am looking for a realtor in the orlando market who has both personal real estate investments and has closed a minimum of 10 real estate investments for long term hold investors. I am looking to buy a SFH or multi family home that may need some rehab (ideally less than 10k) My strategy is to hold and rent for a minimum of 5years. I live in Miami but have family in Orlando near the Florida Mall.

Hi @Dario Furman ...we have been with @Erin Wysocki for a while and she's been wonderful. Knowledgable, accessible, and always willing to help us run through numbers with an investor's mindset. You can DM her and see if it's a good fit.

Thanks @Brandon Reed for the referral!

@Dario Furman I would be happy to help you.  The inventory for multi's in Orlando in pretty slim.  Due to the lack of inventory, they go pretty fast.  I have some investor friends that own multi's that may be open to selling if it is the right fit for you.

It doesn’t have to be multi. I am okay with a single family residential.

@Erin Wysocki knows her stuff, happy to help as well. 

That’s great. @Erin_Wysocki would you be able to call me?

@Dario Furman sorry just seeing this.  The tag didn't stick.  Yes I can call you tomorrow.  I would call you now, but meeting tile guys for a project that I am doing.

If Erin Wysocki doesn’t answer that call you can always find the Blueprint Bandito’s willing to ride into battle.

She is great though and I love her.

But Blueprint is also great and I love my Bandito’s

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