Real estate attorney recommendations for Woodstock area

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Hello. I am looking to get started in real estate investing and am searching for a real estate attorney near me. Does anyone have any recommendations for an attorney in the Woodstock area? Thank you so much.

@Darrell Shepherd

Could probably recommend one. He works out of that area.

Hartmann Imbriale. They are in Town Lake area and Mr. Hartmann is an investor as well. Good guy, I close with them all the time. 

@Eddie Atkinson - I use Shafritz & Dean (Matt Schuurman) for most of my deals and are super helpful in getting deals across the finish line. They have a couple offices in Cobb County. That being said, what's your investment strategy? Are you wholesaling, looking for rentals, going to fix and flip, become an agent, go into property management?  

Thank you for the referral. I am not sure what my strategy will be, but it will likely be wholesaling or rehabbing.

@Eddie Atkinson I generally do my wholesale deals with Shafritz & Dean unless for some reason I can't use them. They are familiar with the gamut of structures and deal types and have helped me close on deals that I otherwise would not have been able to do. Their advice has also saved me a ton of money in the process as well. I highly recommend Matt Schuurman and the team there.  

I will definitely look into them. Thank you so much!

I just had a closing at Raimondi & Associates. They have an office off the Wade Green exit on 75. They do a good job. 

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