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Investor-friendly agents in Atlanta
Ready to get serious about investing in Atlanta? Connect with investor-friendly agents who can help you land your next deal. As local experts, they know the Atlanta market inside and out and can evaluate properties... View more
GTL Property Management / Central Georgia Realty
Hi all. I know a lot of us are looking for property management companies. I’ve recently terminated my relationship with GTL and specifically with its owner Todd Ortscheid. I believe he’s on here a fair amount... View more
Pittsburgh Atlanta Wholesale
I am currently investing in the Pittsburgh, Atlanta area and may have bit off more than I can chew (too many properties under contract at the same time). I do have enough money to close, but I am not sure I can handle... View more
Atlanta new construction costs & builder recommendations
I have a some lots in a fully developed subdivision that I have owned since the last recession and think it is time to build. Has anyone built any new homes recently and have an idea of cost per square foot these... View more
Any recommendations for a Mastermind group or REI in Atlanta
Hey Bigger Pockets Family,I currently own 4 SFH in Houston/Atlanta and looking to join a group or network with like-minded individuals in Atlanta. Please add me to your network, and I'll take all recommendations to... View more
Double digit rent growth across Suburban Metro Atlanta Cities
The Atlanta Business Chronicle just published an interesting article showing that most of Metro Atlanta has seen double digit year over year rent growth. With pretty much every suburban area of the market seeing an... View more
Atlanta New Builds & Multifamilies
Afternoon, Are any investors interested in the following: - Cabbagetown Duplex with big backyard that can have a parking lot which is gold in this area, currently rented. Can easily make 50k a year on Airbnb. - 4... View more
Investing in the Greater Atlanta area
My name is Sam, I am a foreign investor from Israel, and I am looking to invest in a buy & hold single [3 bd, 2 ba, 1000sqf+-] in the Greater Atlanta area. My budget is 100K. I am interested in investing south to... View more
I have a buyer who is using a loan for a 2.6M purchase. The lender says underwriting might give us a hard time with the large fee attached to the contract. I have a creative way for someone with 2.1M liquid to get... View more
Single Family House Hacks in Atlanta
Hello all,I am a new REI investor in the Greater Atlanta area. My cousin and I are working together to invest in RE. I was initially looking for multifamily deals but the deals have been slim to none so I have expanded... View more
Leasing to Local Universities
Good Evening Everyone, I have an investment group, we recently purchased a duplex near Georgia Tech. I wanted to see if any of you have successfully partnered with colleges to have them lease your properties? Would... View more
Which areas to invest in Atlanta as OOS rental investment rookie
Hi Everyone! I’m planning to purchase my first rental property this year. After doing some research, I decided to invest in Atlanta. As an OOS investing rookie, I don't' want too much hassle at the very beginning. My... View more
Atlanta Investors Network
I am a 23 yr old hardworking and motivated beginner investor based in the Heart of Atlanta wondering if there are any experienced investors, teams, or business open to the idea of me to providing valuable help with any... View more
Part time property manager needed in Atlanta
I’m looking for a property manager that I can pay as needed. I collect rent and find the tenants. I need a manager to show apt, turn over apt between tenants, set up painters, and any other emergencies that may crop... View more
Atlanta permit questions/help
Hello All !Buying a flip house in the city of Atlanta.  They pulled an addition permit, electrical, HVAC, plumbing.  electrical, plumbing, and HVAC all show "passed" in the Accela system.  The addition permit also... View more
Popular bank in Atlanta for business account for llc
Good morning, I have a business account for my llc here in Atlanta at a local bank. At this time I use them to receive rental deposits and pay mortgage out of.  They are extremely technologically challenged and very... View more
General market sentiment for Atlanta
Hi all, I am an out of state investor who is looking for a location with solid cash flow and decent population growth/appreciation projections. It seems Atlanta fits that mold quite well and is ranked high for cash... View more
General Contractor Atlanta
I am a new real estate investor trying to land my first deal. I am trying to build a team and I am looking for a general contractor. Does anyone have any good GC recommendations with new investors in Atlanta, GA?
Please Pressure-Test My BRRRR deal!
I'm a residential BRRRR investor, agent, and builder with a modest portfolio of 10 properties and actively growing. I've got a neighbor that's provided private money on 2 deals and it's been a tremendously synergistic... View more
Help Pricing 5bd SFH Rental
We are placing our recently renovated (2019) home for rent but are having trouble finding comparable homes to use to set a rent price. Most of the homes in the area (Oakland City, SW Atlanta) are 3bd homes, and ours is... View more
Connecting with people who need help leasing
Hi All,I'm in the process of trying to get in touch with landlords and building owners who have spaces that have been vacant for long periods of time and need help filling them. I was curious if anyone deals with this... View more
Cumming Networking Group?
Hi All, Someone mentioned to me a while back there there is a networking group (Alliance Mountain REIA) that meets up each month at the Golden Corral on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM in Cumming, GA. Does... View more
Residential Multifamily in Atlanta Area
Hello everyone, I am very new to Real Estate and excited! I am partnering with my cousin to begin and then expand our RE portfolio. We are looking to purchase a Quadplex in the Atlanta area to househack by the end of... View more
City of Atlanta Permitting
Hi BP,My business partner and I are having a real heck of a time getting a permit approved from the City of Atlanta to start work on a flip.  Would anyone with experience getting a permit from the city be open to a... View more
Atlanta Short Term Rentals
I would love to connect and host a meet up with more investors who are currently active in the Atlanta area with short term rentals, or who are interested in getting involved in short term rentals. Any investors in the... View more