Any Idaho investors interested in connecting on this subforum?

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Hey Kevin,

I work in the Idaho market.  Would be interested in learning more about what you do and how we may work together on some things.  


Jeff Rappaport

I'm always interested in connecting with investors. I'm both an investor and an agent focusing on investment properties in the Boise Idaho area. I also run an Idaho Real Estate Investor's group called Avid Investors. I'm familiar with some clients/ members who are interested in breaking into real estate and may have interest in wholesaling. 



I too am very interested in connecting with other investors. I am located in the North Idaho market of Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls. Wholesaling is currently my main focus right now as I look to get started on this REI journey.

In Success


I am in the CDA area too, I have been licensed for a couple of years but am going to start going at it full time now, mainly focusing on fix n flips. I just finished my first one...well the remodel is done anyway, now I just need to sell it :D

StacyA, I am also an investor in Boise. My husband and I only have 2 investment properties now, but we are always looking for more if the right deal comes our way. We have actually been thinking we need to find a new agent because our prior one doesn't understand the REI world. Feel free to contact me if you would like to talk further. Thanks!

Glad to see some action on our sub forum page! Myself and @Jonna Weber help run the Boise Investor Group here in the area and we hold our meetings every 2nd Thursday of the month at Title One in Meridian. We've got a lot of great things happening in the Treasure Valley in regards to REI clubs and other networking opportunities for local investors. Please feel free to reach out as we enjoy connecting with others in the field.

Hi Becky,
Thanks for reaching out. Congratulations on being 2 properties in so far! 

I would be interested in hearing more about your REI endeavors, as well as what types of properties you're looking for (including those you may be open to, but not actively seeking out).
Let's chat. 

Hi @Kevin Pickett - absolutely.  Be sure to set up your keyword alerts if you haven't done so, also!  I also organize informal  quarterly BP meet ups here in Boise. Next one will be in October - if you are in the area at that time - would be a great place to meet others in person as well.   

Hi, Kevin. I have a background in construction and have worked for an investment group doing foreclosure rehabs. I'm beginning the process of flipping/investing in the treasure valley/Boise area and would like to connect. You can find me at the local REI groups or here on BP

Hi Stacy !   William Scott here !  I am a Repair & Remodel Contractor & Certified Home Inspector in Weiser, Idaho. My Wife who is a House Painter and I have been interested in Filpping Properties for some time now we have the Experience in Rehabbing as we have Successfully Rehabbed 3 Properties  2 in Weiser and one in Kamiah, ID for 3 Investors from the Boise area.  

We are always on the lookout for any Properties that are suitable for Rehab in the Southwestern area of Idaho.

Our Problem is we haven't been able to find Private or Hardmoney Lenders to finance our Projects, do you or anyone else on this Sub Forum have any information as to how or Where we can Find these Lenders ?   Thanks in Advance for any Info !                             Sincerely, William Scott

@William Scott There are a couple of hard money companies here in town. One of which is Alpha Lending. Also, we have some private lenders who attend the Boise Investor Group meetings as well.

Hi Lisa !  Thanks again !  I tried to get onto Alpha Lendings site.  But all it had there was  IS THIS YOUR BUSINESS ?   Nothing else would come up there, I tried it twice !  Maybe you have some other info on them, if so i would appreciate it Very Much !  

I must say,  I'm new to and these Local Forums, I Really do Appreciate the Members and how quickly they Respond !

Again Thanks for your Kind Reply !   Sincerely,  William Scott !

Hi Jonna !    Thanks for the invite, I appreciate it !   I would be  open to Rehab Work in the Boise area if It can be arranged that we could stay in the property during the period of the Rehab, otherwise its too far driving round trip every day !    Also I am Seriously looking for a Rehab Lender in Idaho, as we are interested in Rehabbing Properties ourselves.  If you have any info on Private or HMLs local to Idaho,  Or any Good Rehab Properties, I would appreciate it !     Thanks for you Reply !   William Scott !

Hi Lisa !  Thanks for the Link to Alpha Lending, I will give it a try !  As I told Jonna, I would be interested in info about Good Rehab Properties in the SW Idaho area !  But I am Hunting for Good  Rehab Lenders, in order to Finance them. Thanks So Much! for your Kind Reply !

Sincerely, William Scott !

So I don't know if this thread is still alive but I am a local developer builder in the Idaho market for the last 30+ years willing to talk about what the market is doing now.

I am new to the BP crowd but have found it to be a pretty inviting bunch.  No biting or pushing so I am comfortable here.  I would love to understand better what your meet ups are about and that would let me gauge better what value I could bring.  we are doing MF ground up and syndication with a bit of industrial thrown in for good measure. 

I'm still here in the East Idaho market providing Real Estate services with my wife being a Realtor and myself providing property management and of course we invest here as well. We service everywhere from Pocatello up through St Anthony and of course everywhere in between or around the East Idaho area.

Hi @Justin Holley   - We have a great community here.  I just connect with you, and can send you an invite to our next  Boise meet up. Our last one was via zoom - but sure hoping to meeting in person still this Summer.