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Hi Columbia BP community!

We are closing on our 4th property, and its in need of a major rehab!  The past 3 properties that we've rehabbed I've acted as a general contractor while maintaining a full time job, and it saved some money but was extremely time consuming and it took its toll.   I can say now, in retrospect, that I'm glad I have these experiences because I learned a lot about home construction and project management throughout the process.

That being said, we have a new addition to our family on the way (yay!), and a large construction project on our hands, and we've decided that our previous model isn't going to be sustainable nor desirable in the long run.  So for this reason, we have decided to move in the direction of hiring a GC for this next job, which is a sizable job that I'm estimating at $150,000 - $175,000.  I am reaching out here in the hopes of finding a recommendation for an individual who has already built trust in this community or other investors in the area.  

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!   I really appreciate it!


Hey @David Bergmann! Congrats on the new addition! Do you have a general area of Columbia you are investing in? I've had a great experience with Jared Fici at Fici Construction and Sam Baker at Complete Home Maintenance. If you message me I'll send you contact info. They tend to work the Irmo/Chapin/Lexington side of town. 

@David Bergmann can you tell us more about the scope of work required? Addition and rehab? Any historical/zoning experience required? I've got a couple of higher end GCs in mine but I think that would be helpful.

@David Bergmann I know a service that helps coordinate maintenance and finds GC's who can take on these types of jobs. They can even find you 2 GC's to bid on the work so you can speak with the GC before approving the work. Then they will take over making sure they coordinate with the GC directly so that you can focus on closing the next deal rather than stop everything and rehab the home yourself!

@Levi Lane - Thanks for the recommendations.  I'll take a look but this one may not be something they are interested in.  This is an old home in downtown Columbia (29201).

@Will Gaston Hey Will, I can definitely provide a little more info on the scope of work...It is a two story duplex (4 beds, 4 baths) located in downtown Columbia (29201) and is recorded at 1919 with the city (but could be older).  The property won't need to be gutted, but probably very close to it. All mechanical systems need replacement.  We are planning to apply for federal/state historic tax credits and will need to preserve the historic features of the property as we rehabilitate, someone with experience in doing that may be better suited for the job.  

@Jorge Roman Thanks for sharing.  We actually like to stay very involved in this step and I don't think we'll want a middle man in between us and the GC. 

Hey @David Bergmann we have done a few Historic rehabs and just started another one today.  

I can tell you that the tax credit/rebates are an animal to deal with along with the major rehab.  Call me tomorrow if you want to talk through your needs.  I know of a few people to recommend for you.