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General Contractors in Columbia SC
Hi Columbia BP community!We are closing on our 4th property, and its in need of a major rehab!  The past 3 properties that we've rehabbed I've acted as a general contractor while maintaining a full time job, and it... View more
Any Property Management Company in Columbia SC?
Hi everyone, I am trying to get a quote for PM cost in Columbia, SC. I have only called 1 Property Management company. They charge 10% monthly rent + annual fee + 50% first month rent (marketing fee) + lease renewal... View more
1% properties around Columbia
I've been trying to get into out of state investing for a while, and last year I did some zip code level analysis across the country looking for areas that have single family homes that might meet the 1% rule of thumb.... View more
Newbie Question about Setting Rent in Columbia
I’m a Junior at UofSC in downtown Columbia. I am looking to house hack a single family home (preferably within 10 minute from campus). When running my numbers I am unsure on what to set rent at. I have been seeing rent... View more
Evicting a tenant post covid
I am in the process of evicting a tenant for non payment.  I wanted to see if anyone has gone through the process since the courts have reopened?  Are there any new processes?  Anything different than pre-covid?  I... View more
Preferred Lenders in Columbia SC
Hello BP, I'm looking to get established with some lenders in the Columbia SC market. If you don't mind, please share any references you may have, your experience with the company/person and the type of rates you... View more
GC went AWOL near end of a flip
Hello fellow investors. I had a contractor start great, but recently he's been AWOL on a flip that I have going in Earlewood.Can anybody recommend a contractor that can come in and finish this flip out for me?Thanks... View more
Capital Sales Tax = Bummer
Hey BP Family have you ever done an analysis on a possible property you can flip and realize the amount of capital gains tax you would have to pay? Well I recently did and I am flabbergasted on the amount that I would... View more
Columbia Investment Real Estate Agents
hey all can you guys recommend any Columbia, SC realtors that you trust or worked with before. Looking to invest down there! Would greatly appreciate it! 
All Columbia, SC BP members
We have our own forum category now. Who all is in the area and what types of investing are you into? I have 1 rental property in Summerville and just bought a home in Seven Oaks that I am currently renovating. I plan... View more
Target areas in Columbia, SC
I've just began researching the Columbia area and was curious about a few things. A little about myself, I am interested in a SFH or MF for less than $85K. I also plan on implementing the BRRRR method as my strategy... View more
BRRRR ("fix and rent") in Columbia area
I'm curious if BRRRR ("fix & rent") works in the Columbia metro area. Essentially, the ability to have your purchase price + rehab costs less than 70% of the ARV, so after you rehab you can find tenants & then... View more
Multifamily in Columbia
I'll be in Columbia next week to conduct due diligence on a property.  Any local investors that we can potentially meet up with while there?Also looking for a good inspector that has experience in flooding if there are... View more
Buildable Lot in Downtown Columbia
I recently bought a property to flip in Columbia (Earlewood). The property itself is progressing really well and should be on the market soon. The lot the property sits on was big so we were able to subdivide it. There... View more
2018 Code Update in South Carolina
All.  State has officially adopted the 2018 Code Book. There are a few big changes but by far the largest and most consequential is the widespread adoption of the guidelines, definitions and regulations outlined in... View more
Best areas near USC to purchase rental?
My son is attending USC this fall and although he is living on campus I want to invest in a property that I can rent out and I'm not familiar with the best areas for this purpose.  I would love to hear some feedback so... View more
The Cayce Avenues.....
Newbie investor here. My wife and I are currently under contract on a SFR which would be our first rental property. Assuming this goes well, our goal will be to purchase a 2-5 more properties over the next few years.... View more
Window replacement Columbia SC
Hey everyone, I'm in the process of searching for some inexpensive windows to replace in one of my rentals. Who do you normally use? These windows are from the 40s and are finally on their last leg and starting to... View more
West Columbia Rental, too high?
I currently have a 3bd, 1.5ba rental in West Columbia and have been struggling to get it rented out. It’s now listed at $950 are we over estimating the market area?
Out of State Investor starting to look at S. Carolina....
I've started looking at the Columbia area and have heard if you live out of state the property taxes are 6%.  Is that really the case? If so how can anyone make the numbers work?