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My name is Jessica Matthews, A wife to a US service member and mother of three. Now that our children are in school full-time I have a lot more time to educate myself and work towards our goals. 

We would like to have my husband retire and become a full time investment team.  Currently buy and hold is what interests us. Our experience come from two properties, we lived in each for a period of time, then rented them. One did not work out (praying we learned from our mistakes) and cost us more then it made us. The other we sold for a large profit. 

We move often giving us an advantage to know many cities and states (happy to share this knowledge). We have lived in Jacksonville, FL- Milton, FL- Corpus Christi, TX- Memphis, TN- Seattle, WA- Whidbey Island, WA - Montgomery, AL- Monterey, CA- Lisbon, Portugal  

We are currently stationed overseas, it is wonderful but also makes the task of investing in the US a bit tricker. Does anyone have experience doing deals from overseas? Looking forward to connecting. Thanks in advance. 

@Jessica Matthews This is funny, I did a search for Lisbon hoping to find some advice on investing in Lisbon from the US! I would love hear about your experience and perspective on the city. 

@Aimee Lawrence I am in Arvada (NW Denver), and heading to Portugal to invest in June. Lisbon is a very hot market, solid appreciation but with lower cashflow / ROI. It will therefore be similar to investing in Colorado.

However, if you look outside of Lisbon there are higher cashflow markets with lower, but still good appreciation.

Im a portuguese national residing in Canada. I can tell you there is better cashflow in the North. Porto is a booming tech hub with increasing tourism and still cheaper than lisbon. Further north like Vila de Conde or Povoa de Varzim you can get smoking deals beach side  condos. They get as high as 300 euros per night Air BB/Booking.combetween June and August. 

The boom as already occured here, we are looking at a bigger fool's market right now. 

I would not buy right now In Porto or Lisbon. There are some undervalued properties in some less known towns, but even in those mid sized cities like Povoa de Varzim and Vila do Conde the prices are way too high.

Unless you are considering doing AirBnb, pretty much, exclusively. Since people make 700-800€ avg salary and if you buy at the current prices you'll probably need to ask for around that in rent. If you find a great deal that cash-flows, go for it. But don't count on prices and rents to keep rising here, since people are not making that much more Money!