Foreigners Buying in the USA

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Our friends from outside the USA now have a place where they can discuss and learn more about property investing in the states.

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Want to connect with Canadians investing in the US
Started by Daljit Ajimal
16 Tiny 1448387193 avatar pvtmny4u Last post byCharlie Fitzgerald
about 13 hours ago
Financing for Foreign Investors
Started by Cristina Andino
2 Tiny 1448397902 avatar sandriner Last post bySandrine Rangeon
3 days ago
Canadian exploring in investing in US
Started by Duncan Lai
30 Tiny 1448323500 avatar justin pfr Last post byJustin Ericsson
5 days ago
Canadian from Toronto doing Virtual Wholesaling in FL
Started by Vuk Dulanovic
13 Tiny 1448387325 avatar dirtman56 Last post bySteve Haight
6 days ago
Canadians buying in the U.S.
Started by Riley Bohar
4 Tiny 1448386052 avatar joannl Last post byJo-Ann Lapin
9 days ago
Property Management nightmare Columbus
Started by Ram Srinivasan
27 Tiny 1445974284 avatar robellis Last post byRobert Ellis
10 days ago
Closing from overseas?
Started by Ben Hubbard
3 Tiny 1430960641 avatar samvan Last post bySam Van Horebeek
14 days ago
First Investment property
Started by Jorge Soto
19 Tiny 1400774946 avatar wakesetter Last post byJeff Ranta
16 days ago
International Investor Success Stories
Started by David Gregory
17 No avatar tiny Last post bySimon Baker
23 days ago
LLC formation for newbies
Started by Dilip Gandhi
4 Tiny 1425575213 avatar dilip Last post byDilip Gandhi
23 days ago
American Expats Investing in the United States
Started by Michael McFarlane
11 Tiny 1426767679 avatar mcfarlane Last post byMichael McFarlane
25 days ago
How to find chinese investors
Started by Joe Tran
25 Tiny 1443903757 avatar marinak Last post byMarina Kimak
about 1 month ago
How to move to the states and invest hands on?
Started by Benoit Roose
12 Tiny 1448397288 avatar fsparkles Last post byFederico Gutierrez
about 1 month ago
Virtual Wholesaling - Finding a great JV partner?
Started by Steve G.
7 Tiny 1448397807 avatar stevieg Last post bySteve G.
about 1 month ago
Investing in the USA (I'm from Israel)
Started by Yaron Horsky
6 Tiny 1448397665 avatar misslenox Last post byIngrid J. Ledingham
about 1 month ago
The Seoul REI Meetup - 24 Hour Replay on Periscope
Started by Daniel Ryu
0 Tiny 1399767661 avatar dwryu72 Last post byDaniel Ryu
about 1 month ago
Non Resident Tax Returns - Recommendations
Started by Chris Battle
4 Tiny 1444220676 avatar cb8 Last post byChris Battle
about 2 months ago
Taxes for non residents
Started by Guillermo Beraun
2 Tiny 1401000184 avatar sebapi747 Last post bySebastien Hitier
about 2 months ago
Financing for foreigners buying in the USA
Started by William Wong
11 Tiny 1446608645 avatar johnt42 Last post byJohn Turner
about 2 months ago

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