Looking for Conventional Mortgage Broker in Albany/Saratoga

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The title says it all. I am buying a house to owner occupy and hoping to get a conventional mortgage 10% down with no pmi and looking for some recommendations. I have heard credit unions are the way to go but open to other options too.


I use Anthony Prest at Premium Mortgage.  He is very knowledgeable and always follows up.  I hate chasing people, and this guy takes care of business.

Feel free to message me if you cannot find his phone number with an online search.

@Tricia Brock  

How many units? A conventional mortgage required PMI with less than 20% down. Home Possible is an option with a low down payment SFR or MFR and has a reduced mortgage insurance when purchasing in area's with no income restrictions.

This can be looked up on Freddie Mac’s website; Freddie Mac Home Possible Eligibility

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