Looking for a good A/C repair personnel or company

1 Reply | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Hello,   I had a company look at A/C in one of my property in Miramar, and it has become a repeated A/C water leaks. They seem to do a temporary fix, but eventually in 3 months it repeats. Looking for a good company or personnel who can help me with this. Appreciate your advise/help. 



M&S air conditioning. Ask for Mike Jr. and tell him Josh Darville referred you. His dad owned the company for 30 years and he is second generation. They have 8 trucks or so, so he’s not a one man band and they do great work, permits is needed and service on call always.
Can’t say enough good things about this company after having worked with so many one man shows who aren’t really that much less when you take everything into account.