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Recommendation for Ft. Lauderdale Investment
I am looking for recommendations for investment in Ft. Lauderdale. I did some basic research and it seems to me that area around zip code 33313 is attractive. Any other areas folks would recommend? Any agents who have... View more
Moving to Fort Lauderdale
I have an opportunity to move to Fort Lauderdale next year and I wanted to get some opinions about the area in terms of REI. I am considering purchasing a SFR as a primary residence and converting it to a rental in a... View more
Ft. Lauderdale/South Florida Full Service Title Companies
Does anyone have any suggestions for Top notch full service Title Companies in Broward County/Ft. Lauderdale that provide an array of services ranging from standard Title Searches to having a legal team that represents... View more
Seeking Fort Lauderdale Property Management
Can anyone out there recommend a good property manager in Fort Lauderdale, FL? I've got to start from scratch with a four-plex so could be interested in short-term rental or traditional renters. Not sure what the best... View more
Pompano Beach 50% LTV low-$ condo refi possibilities?
Exploring helping my elderly mother refi her condo - she's in Pompano Beach. Condo in a 55+ community, comps roughly $70-$80K, remaining balance ~$33K and about 16 years left on her 30 year mortgage at 4.25%. I'd like... View more
Palm Beach County, Martin County
Hey everyone!I'm new to the Bigger Pockets community and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Mitch White, born in Miami, raised in Stuart, and just moved back to Stuart after a long hiatus abroad. I'm a real estate... View more
West Palm Beach multi family analysis- would you buy this?
Greetings, We have an investor interested in the following property, do you think he should buy: 30 units 2/1 with washer dryers Average rent 1225$ Cost is 115k per unit 950 sq ft Buyer will be getting 30 year... View more
Seeking Broker in Broward County to Hang License for One Sale
Greetings all,I know someone that wants me to represent him on an acquisition in the 33316/33304 areas, and am looking for a local broker that would like me to hang my license with them. I am licensed only to save... View more
Condo Investments in South Florida
I've been going back and forth deciding on whether I want to start off by investing in a single family home or purchasing a condo. On one hand, the appreciation should be higher with a single family home. But with... View more
excellent agent in west palm beach and boca area
Greetings! I'm a newbie to BP. I am currently looking for a buyer agent in west palm beach and boca area. My target property are single family homes with 3+ beds. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good agent?... View more
Sales History of Property $100
Hello everyone, Sales history of many properties on Broward County Appraiser's website is $100. Why  ? Does it mean the property bought from auction (foreclosure) ? Thank you
Hollywood Beach Resort - Who's buying there now?
I have had a listing at HBR for about a year now, off and on. The HOA fees are high but all utilities are included and the building budgets for reserves. But, its old, dilapidated, and needs to be torn down.My question... View more
Fort Lauderdale: Amazing Property Management Referrals?
Hello everyone!I am now at the stage of selecting all of the companies/individuals I want to work with in order to make an amazing and efficient team.For my Property Manager I very specifically want someone who is... View more
Broward County NEWBIE Meetup!?
In addition to the REIAs and REIC meets we should all be going to, I was thinking of setting up a meet up for just us SoFlo Newbies. It's a good chance to meet more fellow BPers over some brews. We can share our newby... View more
Real Estate Team - Title company, GC, Attorney, accountant
I am in the process of refinancing my home with my credit union that is based in another state. They are doing an in-home loan and therefore do not provide the capability to do any title closing, etc in the state of... View more
First loan - LLC obstacle
Hello, amazing community, I am about to purchase my first duplex in Florida and having a hard time obtaining a loan because of my LLC not being active for over 2 years. I have been working as W-2 for 8 years. Become... View more
Banks that are offering HELOC on investment properties in LLC
I know that it is probably not the best time to look for it as many lender are getting very cautious, but I am looking for banks that would offer HELOC on Broward investment property held in LLC.Please share your... View more
County Property Appraiser Just Value accuracy
I was wondering about the just value from the different county property appraiser websites in Florida.I know that this 'just value' is for January 1st of the year based on the transactions from the prior year. And this... View more
Mortgage brokers advice for personal home
I own my $350k home condo free and clear, I may be interested to clear some cash out of it to reinvest in some additional investment properties.I am looking at a fixed rate 20 or 30 years mortgage.It has been a long... View more
Property Manager for Hollywood Condo Vacation Rental
I'm putting the final numbers together on the purchase of a condo that we'll be renting out in Hollywood. Looking for referrals to good Property Managers. Thanks in advance!
Ft. Lauderdale and Broward County REI Market
I'm interested in diving in to Broward County and Ft. Lauderdale area for real estate investing mostly buy-and-hold but not opposed to flips if some come my way.  Any areas of town you would suggest?  Are all the good... View more
Looking to Connect in Palm Beach/Broward Counties
I am new to real estate investing (goal is to secure my first deal by the end of 2020) and looking to connect with individuals in either Broward or Palm Beach counties. Would love to chat with people at all experience... View more
City of FTL offering rent grants
I have shared this with clients, and then thought some of you may benefit as well. This applies to only properties in the City of Fort Lauderdale. may... View more
Rental property hollywood flordia
Coming to the Hollywood/ ft Lauderdale flordia area end of September and would like to meet with an agent to possibly show some properties and areas and hopefully do business with in the coming year any recommendations... View more
Network with Wholesale Pros in SFLA
I'm newer to Wholesale Real Estate and looking to network with local wholesalers in South Florida!I have a very strong sales background, I'm savvy, hardworking and I have some resources at my disposal.I'm a licensed... View more