Finding an attorney and investor friendly titel company?

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I'm in the St. Louis market and have some contracts that I have downloaded from numerous sites that I just don't fully understand. I hate the seller to ask me question about my own contract and have me not be able to explain in detail the answer to their question. Rather not be in that position. So I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations as to an attorney, or advice on what to ask an attorney? I called tow attorneys in the St Louis area and one never called back and one told me they don't backyard contracts or whatever then hung up... Ok? Anyways. My goal is either revise one of the contracts I already have or to actually have one draft up a contract that fits my personal need protects my back end. Also to go over it so I can thoroughly understand it. Is that too much to ask?

Also was at a REIA last month and had a guy tell me that a title company frowned upon the profit he was making on a deal. Looking for a title company that is investor friendly or someone that is involved in the St Louis area that has a good recommendation for one that they themselves have experience with.

Much appreciated!

I am a member of Legal Shield and have been for years. This is the former Pre-Paid Legal company. Their attorneys a required to look at your contracts up to a certain limit. I am very happy with them and the attorneys are local.

As far as title companies Old Republic in St Charles is investor friendly and Investors Title is also good to use. (the name of the title company kind of gives that away)

If you're wholesaling, do you do double closings? If the title company company frowns on profit go to another company who likes to be as profitable as possible. The guy you were talking to was probably an agent.  

@Vince Mayer  will they go over them with you as well? I'd really like to have one Is simple enough to explain to sellers but also with the necessary clauses and whatever wording to cover me as well. I will check them out asap. I have not closed a deal yet. So cant answer that yet. I appreciate the insight.

@Tanner Trokey

Yes they will go over them. They do some things at no charge because of your membership and other things at a 25% discount. 

I used them for a small claims suit against me for advice. In Missouri, you can't have an attorney represent you in small claims court. They advised me on what to do and where to find the information and I won the claim with the plaintiffs having to pay court costs. Saved me about $3500.00!

I used them to review my LLC paperwork and to answer questions ranging from real estate matters to guardianship of my grandson. The firm in Missouri is large with attorneys with different specialties.

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