Jacksonville Real Estate Investors Mastermind - March

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JAX REIM is evolving!!!

We will soon be updating our meeting format.

What you can expect:

  • If you've got a property to sell come prepared to present the details
  • If you're in the market to buy come prepared to make a deal
  • If you're a wholesaler come prepared to present your leads

Let's get down to business first. These Meetups will be structured for those with deals to present to the group as well for those looking to buy. This is a “deal exchange,” the "eBay" of Real Estate Investing Meetups.

We will have a team moderating the presentations so you'll need to send in your details, deals, leads, products and services ahead of time.

Even if you have related products and services; whether you're selling your service, have a great plumber to refer, or you just came across an awesome estate sale with great stuff for a rehabber or found a super deal on tiles come prepared to share this with the group.

A big shout goes to Charlie Lucroy for bringing this great idea to our attention.

In keeping our meeting costs low we encourage those who want to market their businesses to sponsor future Meetups. Contact us for more information.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Meetup. Come prepared to share more ideas of how we can all collaborate together. 

I like the format ideaand am looking forward to attending! If we have leads/deals should we send them via DM/email to you?

Wish I were in town at the moment.. Definitely sounds like a great meetup!

Hope it continues to grow, @Erik K. !

And thanks again for all the helpful info about Jacksonville and Riverside. Looking forward to reading about your latest rehab project ^^

I do to @Daniel Ryu

I can't believe this is the 1 year anniversary of our meetup and we are just shy of 300 members.  We are ready for the next chapter!

Hey everyone, 

I'm new to BP and real estate investing... well, and to Jacksonville for that matter. I've been here for almost 3 years now and looking forward to connecting with all of you. 

@Erik K. When, where and what time is the meeting? Do I need to be a member? I'm really looking to learn as much as possible! Jax has so much potential!

Look forward to more conversations!


It would help if I put a link to the meetup.


@Erik K.

Is there a fee to come to the meeting? I haven't been to a meeting at the River City venue but i like the format.

Also, I have three killer deals in Riverside that I haven't even emailed to my buyers list yet. I would like to present them and I was wondering where I send the info to and what to send (exactly). I have webpages and flyers for them, so just let me know.

I have already RSVP'd and I look forward to meeting both you and Elizabeth there.

I wish I could attend this month. My son turns 2 on Thursday, and we're having a family dinner that night.  I'll make April a priority to attend! 

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