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Hi.. If you're visiting my profile, I'm sure you want to know more about me.

First, some basics:
* Originally from CA
* Currently living in Seoul, South Korea

I helped start and currently help run this business in Gangnam:

Questions you might have about me:

1. What type of partners are you seeking?

I want to establish a relationship with someone before partnering. I want to genuinely like my partners and be rooting for their success. That’s important to me because I believe in a good partnership, we’ll look out for each other’s interests.

2. Can I trust you?

Yes.. but as with anything, feel free to verify. I’ve worked with fellow BP members: Maxwell Lee, and Kelly Lei. Ben Hauser is my Real Estate partner, whom I worked with for +10 years. And as organizer of the Seoul Real Estate Meetup, I regularly meet with many BP members. (Check my BP posts for details).

I have a very visible online presence as co-organizer of this meetup:

(Also check out my BP Members Blog: )

I’ve also been interviewed for my experiences in Korea:
Stream the interview at -
OR on Itunes (episode 6) -

I’ve worked with the same business partner in Korea for 15 years.

3. What value do you bring to the table?

I’m new to real estate investing. But I have many years of business experience. My biggest success was creating from scratch the system that helps manage the entire Western staff of the two branches of our English institute, which includes everything from hiring to training to the materials we teach.

My work habits include daily goal setting and reviewing, weekly evaluation of progress, and constant big picture focus.

I believe in Mastermind groups and I’ve also coached and mentored many people in the past.

As a member of my first JV, I’ve done the following:
* Analyzed and underwritten deals, both for buy and hold and flips
* Raised funds for future deals
* Created a a research report on the area we’re currently invested in
* Kept detailed minutes
* Organized files and centralized on Google Docs
* Introduced new software solutions for staying organized
* Helped troubleshoot various issues by networking with other investors

(In the future, I also plan to develop a business plan and help strengthen systems and documentation.)

I also have access to funding, both my own and others who trust me.

4. Why would you be someone good to work with?

First, I know how to get things done. I’m very organized and I know how to budget my time and prioritize. You won’t be sitting by the computer waiting for me to respond.

Second, I’m resourceful and creative. When my JV partners wanted help finding a lender, I was able to connect them with two bankers within 48 hours.

Third, I know how to handle myself if things get stressful. I’m not one to panic or get upset easily. However, after the fact, I will always want to do a post-mortem to think about how we can avoid problems in the future.

5. What do you want to know about potential partners, contractors, etc?

I know how to take a bunch of work and systematize it into a sustainable, prosperous business.

What I’m looking for are people who are growth-minded, success-oriented individuals who are skilled at their jobs. I want to work with people who know the meaning of customer service and lifetime value of a customer. I want partners who are ethical, not just with me, but with the vendors and clients as well.

I may not know everything about real estate, but I know a thing or two about being successful in business and together, we can achieve great things!

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