Networking Time In Northern NJ and South Central PA

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Hello everyone! 

New to the forum and excited to finally be a part of this community. I don't want to make up a long, exasperated post about myself so I will try to just cut to the chase.

I am in north-west NJ (Hackettstown-Parsippany) and am looking to network with local investors. I also frequent the south-central PA area (Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Hanover, York). I have attended many meetups that I found on meetup, but most of the people that go are like me; new and eager to get started. Hard to get experience with all new people. So, now I am turning to the bigger pockets forum! I would love to meet investors involved in flipping as well as buy and holders. My goal is to build a solid portfolio of rental properties and supplement the portfolio with fix/flip profits.

That being said, I am looking for individual investors or small businesses that would be willing to introduce their business to me and perhaps let me "tag along" on some of their current projects, negotiations, walk-throughs, etc. Really, anyone that is willing to let me pick their brain a little bit and come see their projects in person.

I am trying to build good relationships with successful investors and what better way to bond than over something there is a shared passion for! C'mon, who wants to brag about their deals!?

Before anyone goes and shuts their doors in my face, I would simply like to get a cup of coffee or a brewski with anyone open to the idea. Really hoping to get the ball rolling this year.

Happy to meet everyone!


Hello @Cameron Philipsen
Welcome to BP!!
I’m a local flipper in the northern jersey region. I can provide you all the information as best I can as I am also in the process of learning. I can also connect you with a friend.

Let me know if I can help

Hey @David Michael Appreciate the welcome!

I would be happy to link up with you sometime over a cup of coffee or lunch. I need to learn more about our local markets to see if my strategies sound like they fit. Will send you a message with my contact info!

Hello @Cameron Philipsen ! Which meetups have you attended? I go to many in the Central PA, and sure there may be many newer investors, but there are also many seasoned investors/flippers who would be happy to lend a helping hand. Networking is a skill, and I would question if you're truly networking with the right crowd at these meetups. Start with the person who is hosting the REIA and ask them who the big players in the room are.

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