Looking to network in Tampa Florida end of october

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Hi everyone, one of my partners will be in Tampa Florida end of this month, October 20th-30th. Anyway my buisness is based out of the Minneapolis Minnesota area, but I have family in Tampa so I am wanting to expand to that area. My partner Jordan will be exploring the area with my brother who lives there and will be wanting to meet up with as many people as possible to build relationships. Our main focus is fix and flip but we would like to get into the rental/sober living buisness in Tampa. Please let me know if you can be any help, looking forward to the new adventure in Florida! Go Bolts!

@Wane Zaza I wouldn't recommend it unless you had some sort of connection to the issue or wanted to help people. I have a buddy that runs a sober living company and it's a lot of work. In one week one of their house managers died, one started using drugs again and one quit.

It's not a business that you do for the money.