Sfh buy and hold in Harris county ,Tx

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Hey y’all ! Im analyzing deals in Harris county specifically Spring Tx ...  Don’t have lender yet! Looking for a sfh worth 150,000 and I plan to rent for 1500 ( Zillow rent estimates) ! 
need advice , about lending, minimizing expenses , strategy ,entity structure 

-what are avg property tax % in Harris county( Zillow says 2.3%) - is $100/mo for insurance conservative? I know it rains a lot in Harris county and hurricanes here and there ! Is flood insurance typical ? If so am I looking more at $200/mo for insurance 
- I want to own in llc but easier to get loan under my name ( conventional loan ) I read about buying under my name then transferring to trust and have llc as beneficiary! ( what steps would I take to do that) 

- main goal is cash-on cash-return along with cash flow!In order to reach my goal of 12% cash on cash return I need $400/mo cash flow. Total cash outlay $40k .. how can I get monthly operating cost to less than 1,000 (mortgage, insurance, taxes, property management, vacancy, capex, other,) 

- how would you negotiate deal in order to make money at the purchase! ( equity) I plan to offer at least 10% below value . I understand this may be difficult but I am determined! 
- I live in California so this will be a long distance rental investment. 
plan to talk to mynd property management(haven’t reached out yet)saw them on the BP YouTube channel 

- plan is to have team putting in offers by summer 2021 , in meantime I need to build team of course !!!!!  And I’m also beefing up my personal emergency fund in meantime in order to mitigate risks ( worst case scenario I personally have to fund) 

Give me advice y’all 

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