Wholesaler Title Companies in GTA Ontario Canada

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Hello BP community! It's a pleasure to connect. I am a new investor seeking to develop contacts for my wholesaling business. Can anyone guide me as to a good wholesaler friendly title company in the GTA Ontario, Canada area? Thanks :)

Hi @Kat Campbell  

In Ontario Canada, Stewart Title and Canada Title are the main players yet they don't really work with Wholesalers since they don't close the sales the way that they do in the USA.  Here lawyers close the sales and you will want to find a wholesale friendly lawyer as there are lawyers here that close real estate deals that don't know how to do an assignment sales.

So choose a lawyer that has experience with Assignments.

@Roy Cleeves thank you so much for that information. That changes my focus. Would you be able to recommend any attorney in the GTA who would be a great fit? 

Also is it ok when contacting the attorneys to specifically ask if they close assignment sales? I want to approach them using the right jargon.