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Investors in Canada and others interested in the Canadian real estate market can discuss issues related to our northern neighbor here.

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Live in Detroit, Invest in Windsor
Started by Karim M.
0 Tiny 1443049511 avatar mars hldg Last post by Karim M.
about 17 hours ago
Purchase a home or investment property?
Started by Kai DeNeve
7 Tiny 1438052495 avatar chrisn11 Last post by Chris Nordsveen
5 days ago
New Real Estate Agent
Started by Victor Parag
6 Tiny 1399741992 avatar vp21 Last post by Victor Parag
7 days ago
Is it possible to buy 3rd, 4th+ primary residences with 5% down?
Started by Andrew DeB
25 Tiny 1421795392 avatar allenc4 Last post by Allen Clark
8 days ago
RE Investors in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Started by Bolawa Fadoju
1 Tiny 1434260837 avatar nicoswc Last post by Nico Sanchez
13 days ago
50% rule and 1% rule
Started by William Wong
6 Tiny 1399725301 avatar james345 Last post by James Syed
24 days ago
condo near university and other amenities
Started by Nico Sanchez
4 Tiny 1434260837 avatar nicoswc Last post by Nico Sanchez
26 days ago
Canadian Mainstream media now reporting on rent afforabability
Started by Roy N.
2 Tiny 1403313351 avatar nattydread Last post by Roy N.
27 days ago
Canadian Turnkey companies?
Started by William Wong
3 No avatar tiny Last post by William Wong
28 days ago
Toronto condo developers head directly to China to court buyers
Started by Bayard P.
1 No avatar tiny Last post by Bayard P.
29 days ago
Investing in Gatineau
Started by William Wong
1 Tiny 1437945286 avatar janekk Last post by Janek Koza
about 1 month ago
Connecting in Canada
Started by Angela Yanko
3 Tiny 1441419067 avatar alic4 Last post by Ali Christensen
about 1 month ago
Should I Hold Off On My First Rental? High Prices
Started by Conor Williams
6 Tiny 1443042116 avatar leej6 Last post by Lee Jackson
about 1 month ago
Portfolio lending in Canada
Started by Matt Belzile
6 Tiny 1440033278 avatar mattb35 Last post by Matt Belzile
about 1 month ago
Canadian Housing Market: Don't worry, be happy!
Started by Roy N.
1 Tiny 1413302961 avatar chad urbshott Last post by Chad Urbshott
about 1 month ago
1% Rule in Southern Ontario between Ottawa and Hamilton
Started by William Wong
25 Tiny 1399767437 avatar ramji Last post by Ram Srinivasan
about 1 month ago
Mauricie Region
Started by Jeffery Zhang
4 Tiny 1435844949 avatar mlavoie91 Last post by Marc Lavoie
about 1 month ago
Real Estate Investor in Ottawa
Started by Janek Koza
2 No avatar tiny Last post by William Wong
about 2 months ago
Have $200k to Invest. Where should I put it?
Started by Glenn Thompson
8 Tiny 1398858677 avatar marcosantarelli Last post by Marco Santarelli
about 2 months ago
Has anyone purchased a self storage facility in Ontario
Started by Nathan Boulet
5 Tiny 1438656638 avatar nathanboulet Last post by Nathan Boulet
about 2 months ago

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