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Investors in Canada and others interested in the Canadian real estate market can discuss issues related to our northern neighbor here.

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Connecting in Canada
Started by Angela Yanko
20 Tiny 1422939417 avatar jettr Last post byJett Rao
1 day ago
Portfolio lending in Canada
Started by Matt Belzile
9 Tiny 1448579709 avatar nattydread Last post byRoy N.
2 days ago
New Investor looking to start in the Barrie, Ont area
Started by Kyle Albert
5 Tiny 1452286393 avatar debbieg4 Last post byDebbie Gilbert
9 days ago
Wanted: Wholesaler friendly lawyer in Edmonton
Started by Brandon Upright
7 Tiny 1448579709 avatar nattydread Last post byRoy N.
14 days ago
Question about extra fees when wholesaling
Started by Brandon Upright
8 Tiny 1454434775 avatar rodyarger Last post byRod Yarger
15 days ago
Investment Education
Started by Jason Lobliner
13 Tiny 1450509076 avatar mee Last post byLisa B.
17 days ago
debt service deficiency agreement
Started by Faye Rozich
0 Tiny 1447036271 avatar fayer1 Last post byFaye Rozich
18 days ago
Landlord lawyer
Started by William Wong
6 No avatar tiny Last post byWilliam Wong
19 days ago
Hello All!
Started by Cory Macculloch
4 Tiny 1448323051 avatar mysolo401k Last post byMark Nolan
19 days ago
Barrie, Ont area
Started by Nathan Crowson
10 Tiny 1420688584 avatar jgilbert4 Last post byJeff Gilbert
20 days ago
Has anyone purchased a self storage facility in Ontario
Started by Nathan Boulet
6 Tiny 1453150833 avatar corym11 Last post byCory Macculloch
20 days ago
Using RRSP's to lend on U.S. deals? Can you do it?
Started by Cal Ewing
6 Tiny 1413302961 avatar chad urbshott Last post byChad Urbshott
25 days ago
canadian wholesaling in US?
Started by Valerie Lam
7 Tiny 1448387008 avatar dennischingky Last post byDennis Marcelo
29 days ago
Is it too risky to invest in rental units far from your city of resident?
20 Tiny 1422459335 avatar ryanp5 Last post byRyan Prokopetz
29 days ago
Further Bank of Canada warning on housing market
Started by Roy N.
12 Tiny 1448579709 avatar nattydread Last post byRoy N.
about 1 month ago
Rent increase
Started by Aleksandar Marunic
1 No avatar tiny Last post byHenrin Mathew
about 1 month ago
Thinking of selling Townhouse in Vancouver BC, should I?
Started by Myo Thein
6 Tiny 1420352212 avatar peterc3 Last post byPeter Crisp
about 1 month ago
Investor friendly broker in Oakville, ON
Started by Sergey Somov
3 Tiny 1427900239 avatar dedmoroz Last post bySergey Somov
about 2 months ago
Avg. Rent Prices Across Canada
Started by Jeff Gilbert
9 Tiny 1443042116 avatar leej6 Last post byLee Jackson
about 2 months ago
Looking for a bargain? Surplus condos in Ottawa
Started by Julie Toh
0 Tiny 1440369321 avatar juliet4 Last post byJulie Toh
3 months ago

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