Shout out to Ariel O and his tenant screening product.

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I meet a lot of people on this site.

  • Some are looking for information.
  • Some want to use my companies services.
  • Others want to sell my company their services.

All three of these connections are important to every investors growth. 

I would like to give a shout out to @Ariel O.

 We connected on BiggerPockets and I have been very pleased with what he was able to provide.

I am not being paid or incentivized to write this. I just want to give credit were credit is due and get the word out to other investors about quality vendors.

Details below.

A little while back I responded to a forum thread giving advice to another landlord about tenant screening companies.

Up until that point I had used a few tenant screening companies. I was using AAA at the time. They were pretty good and I have no major complaints with them. I of course recommended them to that investor.

@Ariel O. saw the thread and reached out to me privately. He provides tenant screening and gave me his pitch. I decided to give him a try. I have been very impressed with him thus far.

The actual screening process is quicker and more efficient. On top of that he saved me a few bucks per screening.

Great job Ariel, keep up the good work. 

Disclosure: PMGuardian Founder responding to unsolicited feedback

@James Wise

Thanks a ton. I was sort of shocked to see this popped up, thanks for the kind words.

We've set out to make compliant tenant screening for property managers and multifamily owners dead simple and super accurate. I'm glad to see we're going in the right direction!

If you're a BP member and sign up for a trial, make sure to let me know so I can apply the BP Discount.

Thanks again!

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