An Old Mobile Home Note or Money Tree in Disguise?

Thursday, March 03

I got a call from one of my favorite note brokers last month regarding a mobile home note secured by a mobile home in a park / rented lot.  The note was created by a dealer and he was in need of capital. The broker gave me the details of the notes structure and information on the payer and mentio...

A Couple of Quick Tips for Owner Financing Today

Sunday, April 11

1. Sell to buyers that will live in the property. 2. Get at least 10% down, more would be better. 3. Close with a 3rd party title company and get a lenders insurance policy from them. You could pass this cost on to the buyers. 4. Make sure you are listed as los...

Another Quality Link to Mobile Home Content

Friday, February 26

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope you have a great weekend.  I like to network with others in the manufactured housing industry.  Here is a link to a quality site on the subject: Live!Marc Faulknerwww.sellmobilehome.netWholesale Mobile Homes!!!!!

Links For Those Involved in Manufactured Housing

Monday, February 22

I like to network with professionals in the manufactured housing industry such as home brokers and community owners.  As a wholesale manufactured home dealer and note professional, I find that I can easily relate with the folks in this industry.  Here are some of my favorite industry links.  Plea...

For Those With Questions About Real Estate Notes?

Monday, December 28

Our group here on, Note Brokers Back Office has been picking up some steam.  I appeciate your questions regarding the note business and look forward to networking with note brokers, lenders and those buying properties and then selling them via seller financing.  Lets make 2010 a ...

Seller Financing Article on

Monday, October 19

My new article on seller financing here on BP: pays to do a little investigating on the subject of seller financing before just jumping right in.  Your decisions can make or break the va...