Posted over 4 years ago

Why Let the Mobile Home Park Help Sell or List Your Mobile Home?

Selling a mobile home when you live in a mobile home park can be a challenge for most folks.  

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Financing is almost non existent and cash buyers are few and far between in most areas of the county.  This can make it easy to fall into the trap of letting the park "help" you sell or listing your manufactured home with them.  Let me assure you, that in most cases, the park is NOT your friend when it comes time to sell your mobile home!

Think about it for a minute:  Why would the mobile home park want to replace you?  

1.  In most cases the park/community spent time and money to get you in.  Now that you are in, you are obligated to pay lot rent, which is what the park is in the business of doing. 

2.  The park would NOT be interested in helping you sell your mobile home to anyone other that would want to move the home out of the community.  The reason is simple-they would loose out on lot rent:)  This limits your pool of buyers severely.  

3.  IF the mobile home park has its own vacant inventory to sell, where nobody is currently paying lot rent, they would much rather sell their own mobile home than help you sell yours.  They may use your mobile home as "trade bait" to switch a potential buyer to one of their own vacant mobile homes!  This would, after all, increase the monthly cash flow for the park owner..... 

My advice is to think about your situation and relationship with the park before deciding to list your mobile home with them.  There could be a serious conflict of interests and, you NEED to look out for yourself!