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Killer Mobile Home Flipping Technique - Sell in a Week / No Rehab!

The easiest way to quickly sell a mobile home or manufactured home is to sell to folks that buy them all the time as part of their day to day business.  These buyers will be well funded and will move quickly for the right deals:)  These are Professional Mobile Home Buyers and, your key to selling a mobile home in less than a weeks time in any market.  

Professional mobile home buyers consist of mobile home dealers / brokers, manufactured home community owners and investors that need mobile homes, on a regular basis.  They are doing this for profit.  If they can smell a deal they will jump on it.

We buy mobile homes under almost any circumstances as long is they are 1988 and newer, you can sell your mobile home to me or another professional that is in the business.  

1.  You can sell a mobile homes that needs work, if you can sell the mobile home for the right price, then the work needed can be factored in.    

2.  Sell a mobile home, even if there is back lot rent due.  

4.  Sell a mobile home even if the seller has been evicted by the mobile home park

5.  You can sell a mobile home with title problems as long as the buyer and you can deal with the problem!  Most professional mobile home dealers will know how to handle most mobile home title problems that come up.  

6.  Professional buyers have the funding to pay cash for your mobile home so there is no need to wait for bank loan approval.  No bank approval needed, no waiting to sell your mobile home!  

I see a lot of mobile dealers that are dying on the vine because they limit to whom they sell mobile homes to.  These dealers are mostly interested in listing the mobile home and selling it to retail buyers.  The problem is that most retail buyers will need bank financing and if the mobile home is in a mobile home park, all of the buyers will need the parks approval.  While this may allow you to sell your mobile home for top dollar, it will also limit the marker and take a lot longer.  In the mobile home selling game, time is money, lot rent, utilities, advertising, etc...  

Open up the market for your mobile home by offering it to the pros.  Learn what the pros want and how to present the information about the mobile home in an accurate and professional manner (year, make, size, # of br's, # of baths. appliances, included, location, condition, asking price and pictures) is an awesome start for any serious mobile home buyer.  If you don't mind paying lot rent, additional taxes, utilities and other holding cost then you might consider holding out for a retail buyer other wise look to the professionals.   

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  1. Appreciate the post Marc!  I think if folks understand your first line, "The easiest way to quickly sell a mobile home or manufactured home is to sell to folks that buy them all the time as part of their day to day business." a big part of their concerns would vanish. 

    We have seen time and time again that effective buyers are those that know the business and know how to close a deal in as little as 24 hours. Mobile home buyers are seriously good at what they do, if you find the right companies. But of course that is always the challenge in any market. 

    Thanks the post!