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  1. Real Estate Investing—6 Ways to Buy Property No Money Down

    over 6 years ago by Dennis Henson

    it possible to buy property for no money down? Of course--there are many ways to totally finance the purchase of real estate. It just takes some imagination and some O.P.K. (Other Peoples Knowledge...

  2. The 5 Profit Centers in Real Estate Investing

    over 6 years ago by Glen Andrews

    There are 5 ways to profit for the educated real estate investor.

  3. Real Estate Investing Subject To

    over 6 years ago by Glen Andrews

    How to make huge profits with no credit and with little money down by investing using subject-to techniques.

  4. Finding Good Deals

    over 6 years ago by Dennis Henson

    In order to become a successful real estate investor there are several major skills that must be mastered. One of these skills is Mining or finding good deals. This skill should be learned, develop...

  5. Home Equity

    over 6 years ago by Will Barnard

    How To Manage Your Home Equity To Gain Wealth Conservatively!

  6. Buying Property Using “Subject To”

    over 6 years ago by Dennis Henson

    Would you be interested in a technique that will allow you to purchase investment properties with no credit check, no loan apps, no waiting, and no stress? If so, learning to understand and use th...

  7. Five Things Everyone Should Know Before Buying a Home

    over 6 years ago by Vicki Walker

    In today’s real estate market, you have to be a more savvy buyer. Here are five things you need to know, and do, before you purchase your first, or next, home.

  8. 4 Ways to Raise Private Money For Real Estate Investors

    over 6 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    Now that the mortgage market for buying investment real estate is all but dead - investors need to have other sources available or go out business. The answer is private money raised from people, ...

  9. Homeowners Associations under siege by foreclosures

    over 6 years ago by Kathy Torline

    It's more important than ever for buyers to do their due diligence when buying a property that has a mandatory HOA.

  10. 5 Ways to Finance and Why Private Lending Beats Them All!

    over 6 years ago by Michel Lautensack

    There are many sources of financing available to use as a real estate investors. It is important to know the different financing options for structuring your real estate investment business. As y...

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