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  1. A New Source of Funds for Foreclosures

    over 6 years ago by David Cole

  2. Not all Foreclosures are created equal

    over 6 years ago by Glenn Plantone

    Understanding what area of foreclosures to invest in and what area is the best at what time in the cycle will be critical to your success in foreclosure investing

  3. Cries of Fraud: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth 60 Megatons of Cure

    over 6 years ago by Alan Brymer

    The good old days of doing business on a handshake have gone so far away that the Hubble telescope couldn’t find them. Even at my tender age, I have witnessed enough legal action resulting ...

  4. Borrow from Your Retirment Plan TAX FREE

    over 6 years ago by David Cole

    You can be the bank by using your retirement plan, instead of losing interest and fees to loan companies.

  5. Ensuring Minimal Risk When Purchasing Foreclosures

    almost 6 years ago by Jonathan LaFountain

    A few things you should know before investing in foreclosed properties are ....

  6. 3 Rookie Mistakes When Buying Foreclosed Homes

    about 5 years ago by Judson Voss

    There are a glut of bank owned REO properties on the market today but investing in foreclosures takes some knowledge to avoid the major pitfalls.

  7. 3 Rookie Mistakes When Buying Foreclosed Homes

    about 5 years ago by Judson Voss

    Buying and profiting from foreclosed homes is a great way to increase your bank account and cash flow but many new investors make 3 big mistakes when purchasing a foreclosed home, learn to buy the ...

  8. Investment Property: What is a Foreclosure?

    almost 5 years ago by Jay Redding

    Understanding foreclosure is particularly important as an investor when it comes to the housing crisis that has gripped the United States. Tremendous opportunity exists for the savvy investor, but ...

  9. Common Questions Answered: Buying Short Sales & Foreclosures

    over 3 years ago by Alex Fenske

    I'm regularly asked the same questions by many of my buyer clients regarding distressed property. Here they are, along with my two (or five) cents.

  10. How to Calculate the Value of Your Foreclosure

    about 5 years ago by Judson Voss

    If you have ever wanted to invest in foreclosed homes you probably are most concerned about offering the right amount for the home. It all starts with understanding the value of the home. I will br...

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