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Land Investing Articles

  1. How to Buy Land

    over 6 years ago by Gregory Akerman

    Many people want to know exactly "How to Buy Land." I personally see and know approximately how many people type those exact words into Google everyday. There are guidelines everybody should follow...

  2. "Buy low - sell high" - not just a cliche'!

    almost 7 years ago by Paul Breden

    To buy low, you must be able to recognize a bargain price when you see one. Here are two vital resources needed to identify the best buy in the market.

  3. Sweeten the deal - with owner financing!

    over 6 years ago by Paul Breden

    Financing leverage is the secret to increasing your land proofits exponentially. There's no trickery involved, just sincere negotiating for the best terms. Here's how it's done!

  4. With Ownership Comes Responsibility

    almost 6 years ago by Alan Smith

    Conservation is an important component of land ownership. Whether for investment or enjoyment, land conservation is our responsibility.

  5. Why Is There Interest in Buying Land?

    about 6 years ago by Russell Ward

    For what reasons are people buying land?: Retirement, Investment and Recreational Purposes. Many investors are in the process of researching how to buy and where to buy land. Over the next few y...

  6. Self Directed IRA's = Safer Harbor

    over 6 years ago by Wendy Lovelace

    Are you looking for a safe harbor for your money? If so, you are not alone. Most people today are confused, upset, and down right mad at the loss of their hard earned money in the volatile stock ...

  7. What does Real Estate have to do with Football?

    almost 7 years ago by Flower D.

    Flower De Raadt, The Real Estate Newbie interviews Sally Brown, wife of Head Football Coach Mack Brown for University of Texas-Austin-Longhorns. Sally Brown is a veteran real estate investor/millio...

  8. Why Invest in Land During Economic Downturns

    almost 6 years ago by Gregory Akerman

    The world's economies are experiencing tremendous falls. In the media through television, radio and newspaper people are constantly talking about economic crises, recession and credit crunch.

  9. Buy What you Know

    over 3 years ago by Mark Podolsky

    Getting started in land investing. Buy what and where you know first.

  10. Vacant Land and Baby Boomers

    almost 7 years ago by Russell Ward

    Vacant Land is in demand all around the country. A profile of one group that is buying rural land and how investors can profit from this trend.

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