Real Estate Investing Articles

  1. The Investor's Realtor

    over 5 years ago by Dale Osborn

    Certain criteria must be met in order for you as an investor to choose to work with a Realtor. Without these being met, you would just be wasting each other's time.

  2. How to Use a Memorandum of Agreement to Protect Your Deal

    over 4 years ago by Alex Everest

    A memorandum of agreement is a legal affidavit which states you have an agreement with the owner for the sale of their property. When properly...

  3. Investment Property: How to Choose a Good Real Estate Attorney

    about 5 years ago by Jay Redding

    Protecting your investment property is a main priority. An investor needs to have a good real estate attorney on his side. But since you are not a lawyer yourself, how do you determine who will b...

  4. 7 Free and low cost web tools to make investing easier

    almost 6 years ago by Peter Vekselman

    7 Free and low cost web tools to make investing easier

  5. Should You Buy Residential or Commercial Property?

    about 6 years ago by Frank Gallinelli

    Invest in residential or commercial property? You’ll arrive at your best choice – the one that maximizes your chances for success – by working through a decision process that includes some â€...

  6. Real Estate or Equities, Penality or Possibilities, IRA Options

    almost 7 years ago by Doug Willis

    With the stock market in a continuous freefall, does real estate offer a better investment for your retirement funds?

  7. How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

    over 4 years ago by Jamel Gibbs

    In modern times, real estate investing is one of the leading sources of wealth building. The majority of the world’s millionaires made their money by investing in real estate. When investing in...

  8. How To Profit From Mobile Park Homes

    almost 7 years ago by Omar Johnson

    This article highlights the profitability of investing in mobile homes.

  9. Three Rules Of Successful Real Estate Investing

    almost 7 years ago by Omar Johnson

    This article gives Real Estate Investors tips on investing in real estate in a trying market

  10. Real Estate Investment Partnerships... Making them Work for You.

    almost 6 years ago by Peter Giardini

    Have you every thought... wouldn't it be great if I could find partner to help me accelerate my real investing career? If you have then I am sure you will find the article of tremendous benefit.

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