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Rehabbing Articles

  1. 3 Reasons to Always Get 3 Contractors’ Estimates

    over 6 years ago by Alan Brymer

    I’ve witnessed an interesting process as I’ve renovated dozens of houses over the years, that I’ve named “The Contractor Cycle.” This article covers how great contractors will degenerate...

  2. How to Find a GOOD Contractor

    over 6 years ago by Gregory Davis

    Real estate investors, landlords, and property management firms have the dubious pleasure of working with contractors & handymen on a regular basis. But with the right questions, you can quickly de...

  3. Quick Tip to Plan Your Next Remodel Online

    over 4 years ago by Sharon Vornholt

    I have discovered an awesome tool for real estate investors to help you plan your remodel online. Those of you who renovate houses will love this program. It is equally useful if you are planning ...

  4. Buying the right property & buying the property right

    almost 5 years ago by Tom Tarrant

    You've heard it a million times - you make your money when you buy the house. This is the single most important factor in succeeding with your flip, so you must buy it right.

  5. Rehabbing and the New Lead Laws

    about 5 years ago by Chris Cliff

    It is 2010 and the EPA has passed new laws regarding lead based paint and remodeling. Does this mean that flipping older homes is now impossible?

  6. Are you an Investor or a Rehabber?

    about 7 years ago by Steve Weber

    In my 20+ Years of Real Estate Investing I've seen many a Hard Working "would be" Real Estate Investor call themselves "Investors" when in all Actuality they are Just "Rehabbers" ! Want to Know the...

  7. Deciding if something is a good deal

    almost 5 years ago by Tom Tarrant

    Deciding if something is a good deal takes some experience and will come with time. You have to analyze recent sales in the area. To get this info you must have access to MLS or work with a Realtor...

  8. How to Remove an Invalid Mechanic's Lien

    over 4 years ago by Alex Everest

    Every real estate investor who undertakes a renovation will eventually encounter a disgruntled contractor. This is the nature of the business. Of course, the dispute...

  9. Getting the most from your contractor.

    over 6 years ago by James Miller

    Getting contractors to do the work you need them to do - on time.

  10. Flip Formula

    about 4 years ago by Brant Phillips

    Here is a general overview to help you determine if a property is "Flip Worthy"

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